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High Blood Pressure Diet : What to Eat and What not to Eat?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is something that every second person is suffering from. It has emerged as one of the most common sufferings amongst the people. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a state in which. More than 10 million cases of hypertension are registered every year in India. Hypertension is a long term medical condition which does not cause any particular system. In this the blood pressure in the arteries is continuously elevated.

Blood pressure is actually the force of the blood that is exerted on the walls of the blood vessels. This pressure of blood is dependent upon the work been done by the heart and the resistance of the blood vessels to the force or pressure of the blood. In medical terms, blood pressure is considered high when it is higher than 140/90 and it becomes severe when it reaches 190/120.

Blood Pressure may be classified as :-

1.Primary Blood Pressure :-

Primary blood pressure is the high blood pressure due to the unhealthy lifestyle and genetic reasons. Unhealthy way of living that makes us more prone to high blood pressure is being overweight excess presence of salt in the diet, smoking regularly and excess consumption of alcohol. 90% – 95% of reported hypertension cases come under this category

2.Secondary Blood Pressure :-

Secondary blood pressure is the high blood pressure which is resultant from the identifiable factors. These identifiable factors can be – narrowing of kidney arteries, endocrine disorder, chronic kidney disease or it can be the use of birth control pills. Rest 5% – 10% cases of hypertension come under this category.

Blood pressure is expressed in two measurements – systolic and diastolic. 120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic measurements in adults, is considered normal. The blood pressure primarily depends upon the diet that we take. After medicines diet of a person suffering from high blood pressure is the focus to control the blood pressure. It is very important to take well planned diet that won’t shoot up the blood pressure.

              ☑ Must Have Foods

1. Red Beets –

Red beets are rich nitric oxide which is responsible for opening up the blood vessels and in turn lowers the blood pressure. Nitric oxide is believed to be the signaling molecule which is very beneficial for health. It signals the cells present in the arteries directing them to soften up and relax. These signals to the arteries improve the vasodilation (widening up of arteries) up to a great extent that lowers the blood pressure. A research has proved that drinking the juice of beets reduces the blood pressure by up to 4 – 10 mmHg within just few hours.

2. Garlic –

Garlic have a sulphur compound called allicin is formed when you crush, chew or chop the garlic. In earlier times garlic was never used for cooking it was always used as medicine or for health purpose. Take at least two garlic cloves daily so as to keep your blood pressure stable and normal.

3. Watermelon –

Summers are just round the corner and so are the relishes of the season. Watermelon is as healthy as much as it is tasty. Watermelon is naturally blessed with vitamin C and lycopene which are both sources of lowering the blood pressure. A study has showed that the people who are suffering from prehypertension (a condition in which blood pressure is about 139 mmHg/ 89 mmHg) when added watermelon to their daily diet reportedly witnessed lowered blood pressure.

4. Onion –

Although they provide us with bad breath but their significance in lowering the blood pressure cannot be undermined. Quercetin is a great source which is responsible for lowering the blood pressure in obese and overweight people suffering from prehypertension and hypertension. Onion is a very rich source of Quentin

5. Flax Seeds –

Flax seeds are rich source of omega – 3 fatty acids and fiber. These are responsible for reducing the inflammation in the body and it also improves the circulatory system and health of the heart. It has been proved through a study that the people who includes omega 3 in their diet have low systolic and diastolic blood pressure as compared to the ones who do not. You can sprinkle flaxseed on your morning oatmeal or just simply stir it with the smoothie.

6. Bananas –

Bananas are capable of lowering the blood pressure and very few know about this fact. Bananas are naturally filled with potassium. Potassium is also an element which is responsible for lowering the blood pressure, hence making it effective for people suffering from hypertension.

7. Pomegranate –

Pomegranate in itself is a miracle fruit. A study shows that drinking pomegranate juice daily for 4 weeks works wonder in stabilizing the levels of blood pressure. You eat pomegranate all by itself or you can have its juice.

8. Carrots –

This bunny’s favorite food works in disguise to lower the blood pressure. Carrots contain vitamin C and beta carotene which takes down your raised up blood pressure magically.

9. Berries –

Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are equally healthy and mouth watering. Add them to your cereals or granola or you can simply add them to your favorite desert. Berries contain flavonoids, especially the blueberry, which makes them reach to the list of the foods that helps in lowering the blood pressure. 

10. Eggs –

Eggs are the most controversial food that have made to this list. They have been known because of its increased cholesterol levels, in the  past. But now this powerhouse of proteins has arguably known to lower and improve both your cholesterol level and the blood pressure level.  Just keep away from the eggs, the contents that are known to shoot up the blood pressure like the salt in the hot sauce and the sugar in    the ketchup.


☒ Foods to Avoid

1. Alcohol –

Excessive consumption of alcohol is considered dreadful for the people suffering from high blood pressure. However moderate drinking, limited to 2 servings for the men and one serving for women, has been proved to be healthy for heart as it prevents the risk of heart disease. Drinking more than this count in excessive drinking which leads to dehydration and gain in weight for long period of time and both these conditions leads to higher blood pressure. 

2.Excessive Sugar –

Sugar is something that is found widely in most of the food items, either naturally or it is added artificially. Reduction of the intake of foods loaded with sugar is imperative as they just contribute towards the gain in weight and just add on calories. Being overweight or obese makes you more prone to developing high blood pressure. Increased weight puts additional strain on the heart and slows down the flow of the blood.

3.Pickles –

The process of preserving any food includes the usage of salt. This helps the food to be edible for longer period of time and stops it from decaying. Pickle has preservatives as their main ingredient. The longer the vegetables are kept in preservative liquid the more they absorb sodium. Sodium is the main agent of increasing the blood pressure.

4. Whole Milk –

Milk is a great source of calcium for the body but whole milk is a source of high fat. Whole milk provides extra fat than your body requires. One cup of whole milk provides 8 grams of fats, 5 grams out of which is saturated fats. Saturated fats are the worst kind of fats that contribute to heart diseases and obviously problem of blood pressure thereafter.

5. Red Meat –

A healthy diet is in which only a small amount of trans or saturated fat is included. Red meat is a good source of this kind of fats. Fatty foods are not only bad for heart but they wrecks havoc on the blood vessels too.


6. Soft Drinks –

Soft drink is just the composition of sugar and calories just like the candies. Single can of soda or soft drink contains  more than 9 teaspoon of sugar i.e. 35 grams of sugar. This much of sugar is the whole day recommendation for men and about two-thirds is for women.

7. Sauces –

Sauces are double whammy as they are made up of both salt and sugar. Ketchup is the enemy for people with high blood pressure as it contains both sugar and salt in high amounts.

Best High Blood Pressure Treatment – HT-Nil Capsule

Other than keeping a check on your diet medication for high blood pressure is also imperative. The best renowned medicine that has been serving people since ages is Dr. Hashmi’s HT-Nil capsules. It is totally natural and herbal medicine. It is made from special featured herbs that work to lower the blood pressure naturally. Since it is herbal and made from natural herbs therefore, it is totally safe and free from any kind of side effect.


How it works :-

It works towards widening of the arteries and prevents the shrinkage of the arteries and cleans the clogged arteries. These capsules not only help in lowering the blood pressure but also help in regulating the cholesterol levels in the body. With the use of this medicine you will witness quick impact on your blood pressure.

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