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7 Natural Tips to Increase Length & Girth of Penis Size

Penis is a very important asset of every man. Its size, its appearance, its performance in bed, its vitality, its erection hardness, everything matters for every man. And every man wants to find that best medium which can help them add some more masculinity in his charm. Even if you don’t admit it, you always have a desire somewhere in your heart to increase penis size and performance a bit more, if it is possible opting a safe way. This blog is gonna give you a new aspect to see life and will educate you to how to increase the size of penis using safe and healthy methods.

Penis Enlargement Methods – Natural Penis Enlargement techniques 

1. Do some Penis Enlargement Exercises –

If you want to increase penis size, then start with exercise. Not just the body exercise, but the exercise related to penis. There are many revolutionary and scientifically proven exercises like jelqing exercise that bring incremental changes in the length and girth of the penis.

Besides, these exercises also strengthen the penis muscles and tissues which result in strong and stable erection that can last for longer intercourse sessions. The multiple benefits attached with the penis exercises make it an important part of penis enlargement mission. Though there are numerous exercises available, we suggest you to go with only those exercises which have deep impact, less injury risks and show quick results.

One has to understand that exercises of any kind should be done with proper care and understanding so as not to bring the negative impact. Penis and its area is a very sensitive and tender body part. All the exercises have to be done on the penis and so delicacy & patience are the two main factors that should be incorporated in the process.

Many men fear because of the risks, myths and side effects attached to the penis exercises. To know the truth about the penis exercises and how to do it. If you will do these exercises as mentioned in this penis enlargement exercise guide, then there would be less or no chance of injury or any other type of risks.

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2. Penis Enlargement Foods are Good –

If you don’t know it yet, then now you know that there are some specific foods which impact more on the health and state of the penis. Penis is a part of our body and whatever we intake, it effects our body in some way. So far the penis is concerned, foods like milk, eggs, bananas, onions, figs, etc. work to increase the blood flow to the penis and helps in better testosterone secretion. These foods also work as supplement in strengthening the build-up of penile area which results in better erection quality and appearance.

There is one thing to remember that this is not a one day or one week thing. You should make a combination of these foods and integrate them in your daily diet to bring the optimum impact on your penis size and performance. The regular consumption prepares the body, removes the blockage in blood circulation, improves energy vibes, energizes muscles and helps in better efficiency.

It is seen that people who suffer from penis issues are also the one who are not that good in health. There is a direct connection between the two as a healthier man has more capacity to spend energy and semen. Additionally, just like the other body parts, man`s penis also start losing its efficiency and capacity with age. These foods help a great deal in avoiding this situation. So, to help gain from the exercises, second step is good nourishing food.

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3. Lifestyle Tricks for Bigger Penis –

There are few things which you should take care if you want the complete growth of your penis. These things may seem minor but they are not. We have summarized some lifestyle tricks that not only help to add size but also reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, night fall and erectile dysfunction.

Wear inner wear and outwear that give proper space to your penis and testicles. If it is too tight, then it will put an unnecessary pressure on the penis muscles and blood cells continuously, which will prompt them to shrink and in the process, will cut the blood supply and energy circulation to the penis. This practice is quite harmful in the long run. You should pay attention to this point especially because tight pants and jeans are in trend nowadays. On the other hand, extra loose inner wear can also affect negatively. As it will leave the testicles and penis hanging all the time which will weaken its muscles and veins. So put on the right size, inside and outside.

Masturbate legitimately and softly. Masturbation is not bad rather it is important and necessary part of every human`s life, be it man or woman but it should be in the legitimate number and in proper style. Mostly, articles talk about whether you should do or not do masturbation and leave the important part untouched. Masturbation in the legitimate number (as demanded by your body, ie; three or four times a week) is right.

The doer should pay attention to the way of doing it. Don’t put extreme pressure in the excitement, nor pull your penis downwards, using some lubrication will do wonder and don’t do it harshly or very quickly. It is a body part not a thing. Give it respect and its due comfort. It will help you prevent the damage of penis tissues and muscles and also increase the time of intercourse. A very few people know that the right way of masturbation can also lead to proper growth in the size and girth of the penis.

Let the erection take its complete form. It is very beneficial to do so in every one or two days. Let your penis erect freely and fully to its full strength and length. Don’t press it, don’t push it. Just the full erection. It works for proper circulation of blood, energizes the blood cells and penis muscles, testosterone do its work in the penis and helps in better health of the penis.

Don’t sleep on your stomach. It feels good to randomly and occasionally lie flat on the stomach but this practice is not good for your penis. In this position, the complete weight of lower body comes on the penile area. If you want to sleep like this then make proper space in between your thighs to give proper comfort to your penis.

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4. Penis Enlargement Device Increases Penis Size –

Penis extender is the only thing that is scientifically proven for its positive impact on penis. Believe it or not, the constant use of penis extender device on the penis for 6 months can help you gain up to 1 inch in length and approx. half inch in girth. This is already proven in various practical studies conducted worldwide. Penis extender works on the law of traction, ie; when you put constant traction on a thing, it ultimately ends up increasing its size.
Penis extender also removes the need to opt for any other penis enlarging effort as it is sufficient in itself. Besides gaining in length and girth, it also strengthens the penile area that helps in better erection and better intercourse ability. If you want to know more or want to order the best penis extender available online, then you can follow this link. 

5. Disciplined and right way of life is the key to achieve what you desire –

The way you lead your life tells much about what you will achieve. Our ancestors were not stupid when they told us that life should be lived with discipline in strict manner. Those who follow it also gain from it. While others spend their time in seeing dreams in the morning, a hustler does exercise, thinks about the day ahead and prepares himself to accomplish the challenges. This makes the complete difference. Focus on below mentioned points and relate it your life. You will surely find change in your penis performance and appearance as well.

Wake up early and do some exercise and Yoga. As you will have to save at least one hour for penis exercises, so you should rise up early to make time for full body exercises. These exercises bring the magical change in your body and mental state which in turn effects your body`s growth. Your body will gain energy and muscles and it will reach to the whole body. The benefit also reaches to the penis and helps it in gaining strength and length.The positive attitude is a must have thing if you want to gain in your penis enlarging efforts. If you do penis exercise in the morning, eat penis food in the day but remains tensed and worried for your penis size and appearance, then it will do no good to you. Your thought sphere is more powerful thing than you could imagine. What you think, you become. Believing is achieving. So, give space only to positive and realistic thoughts.

Though masturbation is good, thinking about sex all the time could be harmful. It incites the body to secrete testosterone all the time which reduces the body energy levels. Also, the excess thinking invites unnecessary urge to indulge in sex or to masturbate multiple times which exhaust and weakens the penis veins. So balance is necessary. And it can be done by investing your time in more productive aspects of life.Quit alcohol and smoking if you want to increase your penis size and erection quality. These two addictions not only decrease the stamina levels, but also work to shrink and weaken the penis muscles. If you consume alcohol, then instead of gaining, you will lose your existing size and performance in bed.Eat daily, eat healthy and make a balanced routine. It is important not just for your penis, but to keep you out of various issues of body that invite issues related to penis.

6. Penis Enlargement Herbs can Help –

In the process of penis enlargement, herbs play an important role. A conscious man will prefer only natural substances to gain in his body efficiency and so we have focused only on natural elements. It is the safe and secure path to increase penis size. Certain herbs like ginseng, ginkgo biloba, L-arginine, Maca, etc. work on the build and functionality of the penis. But here is one thing that you should take care of. These herbs work differently upon different person and so the right amount and right method of taking them, is very important to decide. For that, you can consult your physician or sexologist, who could after the proper inspection, guide you for the right dosage and time limits.

7. Penis Enlargement Supplement is a Safe Choice –

In case, you are not able to go to sexologist, or does not believe in seeing them, which is the case with most men, you can consider this penis enlargement supplement which is the perfect combination of those precious and extremely beneficial herbs which have been mentioned in the ancient natural scriptures to boost the man`s sexual capacity. Sikander e Azam capsule is the natural penis enlargement medicine which is known for its success rate and safe results.
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This penis enlargement medicine gives you an option to choose between other penis enlargement activities or this single treatment. This capsule is made after broad research and testing on the penis build and it`s functioning. As per Dr. Hashmi, “Though the medicine is made using only natural ingredients, we haven`t left any weak point in its formulation. Just like the other modern medicines, this medicine is tested on latest parameters in our state-of-the-art lab to ensure its proper and meaningful existence. This medicine was made to bring revolution in the world of sexual treatments and we have succeeded in doing so.”

Sikander e Azam is probably the only pure natural formulation in the market which is designed to address multiple issues at the same time. It is possible due to its herbal properties which work to heal and improve the related body part. The medicine is mainly offered to increase penis size but it is extremely beneficial in curing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issue as well.

Dr. Hashmi told us, “SAZ works for penis enlargement after it cures the issue of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement is a slow and complex process which needs strength and efficiency in corpora cavernosa. In doing so, it removes the other issues, fortifies the penis muscles and increases stamina manifolds.

So, now you know how to increase the size of penis with natural methods. These tricks are compiled to give an insight to the reader as to increment in the size of the penis can be achieved without opting for harmful, artificial chemical substances or without going for surgery. For detailed information on individual topics, the links are provided at relevant points and we will keep publishing new useful and unbiased articles from time to time. To know about them, subscribe to our newsletter or bookmark this page.

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