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Easy Step to Increase Your Breast Size Significantly [ With Images ]

Breasts are something that defines the appearance and shape of a lady. Looks and appearance is something that is related to their dignity and is very crucial matter especially to a woman. Being over sized and under sized are both causes of concern. Having under sized breasts becomes an embarrassment for the woman and they feel they have been cursed by the god for nothing at all. It is a kind of suffering for them.

Women feel inferior being looked down upon them by others. Many women assume that there is nothing that can be done to enhance their bust size. They have to spend rest of their life with this external deficiency and would never look like other beautiful ladies who are perfect in shape and size. But it’s totally a myth and there are many alternatives present on how to increase breast size.

How to Bust your Breast Size “illusionary” ?

► Breast shape enhancer bra–

There are many bras that are especially designed to make your breast look heavier than they actually are. So the first thing that can be done is to switch to such bras for the perfect shape and look.

► High Necklines–

The one with smaller breasts should go for higher necklines than the lower neckline. Lower necklines are not for the ones with smaller breast size as they reveal what you are trying to cover up.

► Makeup–

When you are wearing clothes that reveal cleavage the illusion of larger breasts can be made by a technique of makeup. Contouring is one such technique that can help wherein using darker shade than your usual shade of foundation can make the breasts look bigger and fuller.

► Wear clothes with bold colors and patterns–

Wearing clothes with patterns and designs with bold colors can help you up to a larger extent. Keep your lowers gloomy and let your top be the highlight. Wearing a top that is different in color below the breast will help it look perked. Tops with horizontal stripes also help your breast look bigger in size. Doing so will make your breasts appear much bigger in size than they actually are.

► Detailed neckline–

Wearing detailed neckline can create an optical illusion of bigger breasts. Detailing like lace, beads, jewels, pleats and twists can help by diverting the attention and in turn making your bust looking appropriate and perfect.

These DIY tricks can prove to be doing wonders in making an illusion of bigger breasts. A lady with smaller breasts makes it worse for them by wearing clothes with vertical stripes. Clothes having patterns of vertical stripes should be should be avoided as they prove to be a blunder for them. They make the breasts look smaller than what they actually are and vice versa are for the ones with larger breasts as they can make their breasts look smaller by this way.

How to get Bigger Breast Naturally fast?

Bigger breasts are something that many women aspire for and there is no shame in such an aspiration. Everyone wants to look good and definition of looking good varies from person to person. If one wants to have bigger breast naturally then following things needs to be done:-

A. Exercising :-

✤ Push-ups–

Push-ups are great for strengthening pectoral muscles located below the breast. Start with 2 sets of 5 push-ups as in the beginning doing too much push-up can strain your arms. Gradually increase the number of sets as well as number of push-ups you do per day.

▶ How to do:

  Lie down on the floor with your stomach touching the floor.
  Your hands should be aligned with your shoulders.
  Push your body upwards and get into a plank position and arms should be straightened as you rise onto the toes of yours.
  Lower down your body to the floor without your stomach touching the ground and lift yourself up back again.
  If doing in this position is bothering you then you can do pushups while your knees are bent.

✤ Wall Push-ups–

Wall pushups are the simplest exercise that you can practice easily at home. It is just like pushups but the difference is that you have to do this while standing against the wall.

▶ How to do:

  Stand against a wall at a distance more than your arm length and feet apart according to your shoulder width.
  Lean yourself forward with your arms straight and palms flat touching the wall at your shoulder height.
  Now fold your elbows and lean your upper body forward towards the wall.
  Hold this position for few seconds and get back to the initial normal position.

✤Dumbbell Flyes–

For this exercise you need dumbbells that shouldn’t weigh more than 3-6 kg. This exercise can also be done at home without any bench.

▶ How to do:

  Hold dumbbells firmly in your hand and rest your hands on the thighs.
  Your palms should be facing downwards.
  Now lift your hands in the air with dumbbells in it.
  Your hands straight and arms bent slightly.
  Raise dumbbells up to your head and gently lower them to your sides.
  Repeat this exercise thinking as if you are doing push ups while you are being on your back.

B. Gain Weight:-

● Yes! You heard it right, gaining weight is also an answer to the question –

“how to bust your breast”? Breast is one such area along with stomach and thighs that fills up faster than the other body parts when you gain weight, then the rest of the body. However, you may not want to gain weight to increase your bust size but it is the easiest way on earth to do so. You just have to focus on those mouth watering delicious foods which are rich in calories. If you are a person more on thinner side then this is the best option that you can opt for as piling on few pounds won’t matter to you at all. Eat the fatty foods or you can just eat the food you like in increased quantity.

● Eat foods rich in Estrogen–

Estrogen is that female hormone that is responsible for increasing the size of your breasts, among the other things present. Our body naturally produces estrogen hormone when the puberty age is attained and it continues to produce this hormone until the age of 18 or 19. The size of every woman varies so adding estrogen rich foods to your diet won’t matter at all as it will help in getting increased size of the breast. Some estrogen rich foods are listed below:-

  Lima beans
  Kidney beans
Yogurt, cheese and other dairy products
  Oregano, sage, clover and other spices
Fruits like cherries, plum and apples
Vegetables like cucumber, beets and carrots
  Grains like barley, wheat and rice

● Concentrate on foods rich in Phytoestrogen–

When the levels of estrogen gets low in the body then phytoestrogen takes the charge and helps in the increase in size of the breast. Studies have shown that the pills containing phytoestrogen tends to increase the size of breast tissue in the women before their menopause. Lots of tasty foods contain phytoestrogen and there is no loss in adding them to your diet. Following foods are blessed with phytoestrogen:-

  Flax seeds
  Fruits like strawberries, raspberries and peaches
  Beverages like green tea, black tea, red wine and white wine
  Nuts such as cashews, pistachios, chestnuts and walnuts

C. Wear a bra that Fits you Properly:-

According to study almost 8 out of 10 women wear bras that aren’t of their size. Wearing a bra smaller than your size results in more smaller looking breasts than they actually are. Whereas wearing a bra that is bigger than your size will make your breasts lose and hanged and therefore, making them look even smaller. Significance of wearing a bra that fits you and is of your actual size has been ignored by majority of women. Keep in mind following tips for perfect bra that will help your breast look bigger:-

Keep your focus on the width of the band and not the cup size. Yes, cup size is important but only when you know whether you are 32 or 36. Knowing the correct width of the band is what makes all the difference.

Try not hooking your bra to the tightest hook until and unless that’s the hook the hook that fits you properly. Instead, hook your bra where you can feel comfortable.

Your bra should suit the type of outfit that you are wearing. Don’t wear the same type of bra with every top that you wear because some tops can make your breasts look smaller than they originally are.

Your bra shouldn’t ride up your back.

D. Go for Padded or Push-up Bra:-

This is one of the spontaneous alternatives and doesn’t require any stuffing. Padded bras help your breasts look heavy and a push-up bra do wonders in this regard. Make sure that you choose a perfect bra that is of your size neither smaller nor bigger than your actual size. Avoid using any stuffing in your bra as that can make you feel embarrassed if that does not take the shape of your actual breast.

E. Perfect Your Posture:-

A perfect posture can help you miraculously. You might have wondered why your mother used to tell you every time to sit straight and do not slouch when you were a little girl. Hunching can cause your breast look smaller. It is very important to sit straight and your spine should also be straight. Shoulders should be raised and arms by your side instead of your arms being folded across your chest. Perfect posture will not only make your breast appear bigger but will also make you look taller and more confident.

How can I increase breast size with Herbal Remedies?

1. Fennel Seeds–

Fennel seeds are responsible for enhancing the breast size in regards of dimension. The presence of high levels of f

lavonoids in fennel seeds increases the level of estrogen in the body. The increased level of estrogen stimulates growth of breast tissue.

► Drink a cup of fennel tea daily. For making fennel tea you need to steep a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for 10 minutes and strain it. Let it cool down a bit before you take the first sip.

► Heat 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds and a tablespoon of cod liver oil in a pan and let the seeds turn red. Strain the oil and keep it aside until it cools down. Use this oil for massaging on your breast. Massage for at least 10 minutes and allow the oil to sit for 30 minutes and then clean it with hot water. Do this twice a day for two months.

2. Red Clover–

Red clover is a spice that contains 4 phytoestrogen responsible for increasing breast size naturally. It also makes your breast much firmer.

► Soak one or two teaspoons of dried red clover flowers in a cup of hot water.
► Steep it for half an hour.
► Strain it and drink this tea twice or thrice a day and drink it for few months.

3. Fenugreek Seeds-

Fenugreek seeds are good source for enhancing the growth in the breast dimension which makes them firm.

► Take one-fourth cup of fenugreek powder and add a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste on your breasts and massage with this paste gently. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and after that rinse this paste off with water. Do this twice a day for best results.
► To make powder dry roast fenugreek powder and then grind them.

Breast Enlargement Treatment – BigB XL Capsules

Big b XL capsules are the best herbal capsules for breast enlargement pills in India available in the market. It makes your breast enhanced and makes them look fuller and firmer. This medicine tones the breast tissue and skin and gives an uplifted look. It provides you with carved and deep cleavage and helps in getting rid of stretch marks. This medicine also helps in avoiding the looseness of the breast. The thing that most of the women fear of is the side effects that other medicines cause but this medicine is natural and is free from any kind of possible side effects. It has won trust of many women that lost all their hopes to look beautiful and attain that perfect shape and size of the breast.

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