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Migraine Vs Sex

Migraine is a headache of varying intensity is often accompanied by sensitivity to sound and light and causes feeling of nausea. It is a typical recurrent throbbing headache that affects one side of the head and also leads to disturbed vision. The extreme pain caused by migraine can even last for hours. The evident symptoms of migraine are listed below:-

1. Emotional causes – Excitement, stress, depression anxiety and shock can give birth to migraine.

2. Hormonal cause – Especially in women, symptoms of migraine are experienced at the time of menstruation as a result of changes in hormone.

3. Medication – The combined contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy pills (HRT) and some sleeping pills are some possible triggers that cause migraine.

4. Environmental causes – Being in a room that is lighted brightly and stuffy, change in temperature, strong smells, loud noises, flickering screens and smoke are some environmental factors that trigger migraine.

5. Physical causes – Insufficient sleep and tiredness, poor posture, tension in neck and shoulder, low blood sugar levels, jet lag and physical overexertion are some physical triggers that causes asthma.

6. Diet – Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, cheese and citrus fruits are some diet triggers that are responsible for causing the migraine. Dehydration and irregular mealtimes are also said to be the triggers of migraine.
It’s high time now to change this sentence – “not today, I have headache honey!” According to a new study, sex relieves migraine pain for some people who suffer from intense headaches caused by migraine.
symptoms of migraineAccording to the research that was published in a journal called Cephalalgia, indulging in sexual activity relieved people from the pain of migraines, cluster headaches and one – sided severe and recurring headaches, up to one – third of the patients. Some patients also reported that they used sexual activity as their therapy to reduce the headaches naturally. Migraine is verily tough on every aspect of life be it romance and intimacy or your work life.

Relationship Between Migraine and Sex:-

Migraine is something that is genetic and the people who suffer from it are more likely to develop other types of headache. Although the outcomes of the migraine are the same but what causes migraine varies from person to person. During sex a neurotransmitter namely, serotonin that is responsible for creating a sensation of overall good feeling. Moreover, an orgasm is responsible for releasing endorphins which is known to relieve of the pain. Endorphin is a chemical which are opiate-like. They are related to positive and happy feeling that keeps pain messages away from the brain. These chemicals work instantly unlike the medicine for headache that takes at least 15 minutes to show its effect.

Women who suffer from migraine were found to have encountered more sexual problems. According to a research done by some researchers Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is more common in migraine patients. These women show difficulty with arousal, pain, orgasm, orgasm satisfaction, desire and lubrication. You can also try medicine to overcome the sexual issues. Try PXXL capsules by Hashmi herbal pharmacy. They have been the most trusted capsules that work towards increasing your sexual stamina and libido. It gives you increased pleasure time that will make you last longer in bed.

It surely makes sense as the more often you feel the migraine pains the more you are going to avoid sexual activity. Many people are still satisfied by the fact that despite seeing their partner vomiting, pale and the most annoyed person. However, many migraine sufferers get relief after indulging in sexual activity. If touching and exertion are not making you irritated you must give a try and you might feel relaxed and comfortable after it.

Common Sexual Issues with Migraine:-

1. Unfavorable childhood experience –

Experiences of emotional neglect, emotional, or sexual abuse faced by some people in the childhood witnessed episodic tension type headaches and the odds of migraine.

2. Side effects of medicines –

Treatments like neuromodulators, antidepressants, beta blockers, and calcium antagonists are preventive treatment that are directly related to decreased sexual functioning and chronic episodes of migraine.

3. Migraine postdrome or premonitory –

When you are experiencing postdrome or the migraine hangover and your spouse wants to go crazy with you. In the premonitory phase the early warning signs of migraine are generally neglected. These signs are responsible for creating sexual issues.

6 Tips To Have Better Sex When You Migraine

1. Do Not Let Romance Fade Away :–

Surely when the migraine attack empowers you won’t feel like making out at all but do not let that romance diminish between you and yourspouse. Romance takes relatably less physical stamina and also makes up your mood for lovemaking (when you feel like). Plan date nights, romantic movie, moonlit stroll, candle light dinner, a picnic or a vacation to your favorite destination or midnight swim. These small efforts are going to have a great impact on your relationship making it stronger and healthier. Moreover these can also help both of you cope up with that dreadful migraine attack.

2. Share Your Problems :-

Do not hide your pain and sufferings from your spouse because when you love someone all their pain becomes yours so there is no need to fake your feelings in order to hide the pain from your partner. Instead, sharing your pains and sufferings with your partner makes feel relaxed and more comfortable because of the care and concern of your partner. They will help you out stand this difficult time of the migraine attack and at least understand your difficulty next time you go for sex.

3. Preventive Routine :-

Other than medication try to figure out a preventive routine for your migraine so that it is kept at bay. Preventive method helps you keep a balance of your sexual life. Once this preventive method start working for you then leave your medicines as they might be creating sexual issues for you.

4. Try a different Migraine Medicine :–

There is no surprise when you report sexual issue born as a result of your migraine medicines. It’s better to get rid of the culprit and go for something that would not harm you and your sexual life. One such option is Dr. Hashmi’s Migrokill capsules. These capsules come from a trusted brand name and that have been serving to the problems of the people from last 89 years.

Hashmi MIGROKILLThis is a natural medicine that is made from featured herbs that works towards easing the sufferings caused by the migraine attack. Since these capsules are herbal therefore, they are totally safe and free from any kind of side effects. They prevents migraine attack removes any contraction in the blood vessels relaxation of the nervous system reduces inflammation up to a great extent.

5. Rest and Refresh :–

In the busy life people hardly gets time to spare for the sexual activity, especially when your sufferings are too much because of the migraine attacks. You need to build up a schedule and spare some time for your lovemaking. Add yoga or jogging to your routine so that you regain your energy and your body is calm and relaxed that helps in building up the mood.

6. Celebrate and Compensate Your Days :–

When you’ve went through much despair because of migraine in life try to celebrate after it and compensate for the bad days by having sex and spending more time with your partner it helps you heal from within.

Every person’s feelings and sufferings might not be the same. What works for many may not work for you. But conclusively, having sex when migraine is dominating has helped many couples. When your pain is intense and your irritation level is intense then this might not work for you but when you feel some ease do go for it as sex acts as the most natural pain healer.

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