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12 Health Benefits of Having SEX : You will LOVE the SEX After Reading Them

Trust, respect, love and patience is what is key to a strong relationship. It’s not just the lust for the bodies that builds up sexual relationship but two souls divinely indulged in each other. Sex is that part of life which can never be eliminated. Sexual activity not only makes you experience thrilling and fun filled moments but also gifts you with the memorable moments of your life. Sex not only deepens your love for each other but also makes your relationship much stronger. This is the spectrum of emotional benefits that having sex possess. A broad spectrum of other physical, psychological, intellectual and social benefits also lies in having sex.

A study shows that having sex one to two times per week renders great health benefits that are beyond your brainwaves. If your partner is not in the mood yet again this piece of information is worth sharing. Explore these health benefits and relish more upon the lovemaking so that you can make it more valuable:-

♡ Helps in Looking Young


That morning glow is not just an imagination but the gift that the yester night provided you. Having sex encourages the production of estrogen and testosterone hormone in the body which makes you look younger for long.

Estrogen is a producer of lustrous and younger looking skin. So, say a goodbye to those hefty surgeries and parlor treatments and focus on your sexual life to look young and vibrant.

♥ Fertility Booster

As the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect”, same is required to expand your family. A study has found that the men who ejaculate daily produce best quality of sperm when compared to the men who do not ejaculate daily. Semen health is found to be at its best when the sexual intercourse occurred in the past two days. So, when you are planning to have a baby it is necessary to have your sperms in the best of condition and the key to healthy sperm is to have sex at least twice a week.

happy family

People often believe that having sex around the woman’s ovulation will do the job, yes it will, but you need to do this job before that too. Having sex have also found that it helps in balancing the hormones of women which in turn regulates her periods. Balanced hormone and regulated periods increases the chances to conceive.

♡ Improved Libido

The person who suffers from the problem of low sex drive or libido do not need to worry more. The answer to their problem is to have more and more sex. Having sex increases your urge and desires. Sex not only boosts libido but also helps in increasing the lubrication in the vagina and also increase the elasticity of the tissues in the vagina making sexual activity less painful and enjoyable for the ones who suffers vaginal dryness. All of this is a good quotient for increased libido.

♥ Relief From Period Cramps

Relief From Period Cramps

Period cramps are worse they are something that we cannot do something about. You just have to suffer that dreadful pain, no matter what. But, to much relief, women have experienced much relief in their cramps after having an intercourse. This is because the muscle contractions that occur when you reach your climax relieve the tension in the muscles of your uterus which is responsible for the menstrual cramp. Since the tension in uterus is gone therefore, period cramps are ultimately eliminated.

♡ Good Cardiovascular Health

A good cardiovascular health is somewhere related to your bedroom. Some people believe that the physical exertion that arrives from doing sex but science contradicts with this belief. After a prolonged study of about 20 years on almost 900 men, scientists have found that the number of times you do sex cannot determine the frequency of the occurrence of the strokes. Instead, sex helps in maintaining a balance between estrogen and testosterone.

Any decrease in testosterone or estrogen can cause disease like osteoporosis and heart attacks. Therefore, sex is responsible for eliminating deadly heart attacks by up to almost 50%. Men who have sex less often are more likely found to have heart diseases.

♥ Calorie Burner

According to studies it is believed that the whole act of sexual intercourse, like any other physical activity, burns as much as 108 calories per half an hour in young men and women. The sexual activity increase the rate of heart and takes into work many muscle groups. It can also help in burning 5 calories per minute. Regular sex hence is very effective in burning calories up to great extent.

♡ Better Bladder Control

Continence of urine is a problem that every woman suffers at some point of time. Regular orgasms generated from having regular sex, works on the pelvic floor muscles. It helps in toning and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which is resultant of the contraction in the muscles. Good sex life implies workout of the pelvic floor muscles. These are the same muscles used when you perform kegels. Having strong pelvic muscles ensures the prevention of urine leakage.

♥ Stable Blood Pressure

Yes! You do not require taking pills for your blood pressure you just need to focus on making your sex life better and better. Sex is responsible for making body release the endorphins and other hormones in increased amount which helps you in relieving stress. Having sex significantly lowers the systolic blood pressure (the first number in your blood pressure reading) and avoids shooting up of your blood pressure during stressful events.

♡ Less Pains

Sexual activity “including masturbation” and orgasm helps in keeping the pain at rest. Both these, sexual stimulation and orgasm, reduce the sensation of pain and increases the threshold of pain. Orgasm is effective in relieving from pain as it releases certain hormone that blocks signals of pain. Some women believe that the act of masturbation helps in relieving pains like that of menstrual cramp, arthritis and for much surprise, headaches.

♥ Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

Men who ejaculate frequently, at least 21 times a month, develops fewer risk of prostate cancer as compared to the men who does not involve in sexual activity that often. Ejaculation does not necessarily required to be at the time of sex. Of course, ejaculation is not only the quotient of risk elimination of prostate cancer but it is responsible eliminating it up to a great extent.

♡ Anti – Depressant

Lovemaking helps in fighting the depression and stress as it is a great stress reliever. This is so because sex involve touching, kissing, hugging and much cozier surrounding. This arouses a feeling of comfort as emotional attachment stimulates good feelings. These feelings promote good bonding and mental calmness. Sex is also responsible for releasing substances that boosts the system of pleasure in the brain and in turn relieving you from stress and depression.

♥ Better Sleep

Sex provides you with a peaceful sound sleep. Orgasm that is generated from sex releases the prolactin hormone. Prolactin hormone helps in better sleeping which promotes relaxation and sleepiness. This is one of reasons that you find falling asleep after having sex much easier.

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