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Food List To Help Increase Sexual Stamina in Bed Naturally

The bedroom performance of every male is not the same some are full of stamina and power and other are comparatively not. Age factor can also be the reason for the diminishing stamina. It is not necessary that an ageing man is the only one that has to go through the problem of decreased stamina, in today’s time even young men also face sexual problems. Some of the common reasons for decrease in sexual stamina are listed below:-

1. Physically Inactive :–

Being physically inactive or in other words refraining from exercises and workouts can be one of the most probable reasons for diminishing sexual stamina. Studies have shown that men who are physically inactive are bad performer in bed and also do not last much longer in bed. Being fit is very necessary to stand up to the expectation of your lady. It increases the self confidence in men and makes them feel good about themselves.

2. Sleeplessness :–

A person deprived of sleep will surely be a bad performer in bed. The production of testosterone is at its peak when a person is fast asleep. It is very necessary to take a good sound sleep if you wish to have a satisfied sexual relation. Research has shown that a man who sleeps for less than 5 hours for the entire week are found to have very low level of testosterone production in their body.

3. Weight Gain :–

Increase in the weight also contributes to the poor performance and decreased sexual stamina. The increase in the number of fat cells in the body not only increases the inches but also cut off the testosterone hormone. Being overweight also increases the amount of oestrogen in the body which decreases the strength and mass of the muscles, decreases the growth of the beard and also results in irritability.

4. Improper Diet :-

The foods that are high in cholesterol levels are responsible for decreased level of testosterone in men. The food with high sugar levels should also be avoided as they affect the nerves in the penis. The foods that should be avoided are listed below:-
• Butter
• Ghee
• Rice
• White bread
• Egg yolk
• Full fat milk
• Soda
Decreased stamina is a cause of concern but there is nothing to worry about as there are sex capsules for long time in bed. One such capsule is Dr. Hashmi’s X-fire capsules which intensifies the sexual stamina.

Opt For These 20 Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed:-

1. Figs

Figs were gifted in ancient times especially to the pregnant women and newly married couples. They are called the natural aphrodisiac. Figs are of great importance they are also linked to the matter of fertility and they are a must if you are looking for foods that will enhance your sexual stamina.

2. Watermelon

Watermelons are secretively called “natural Viagra” and very few know about this aspect of watermelon. The main component of watermelon is phytonutrient also known as citrulline. This component is known to increase the libido.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a good source to improve the health of arteries and flow of blood in the body. This property of ginger helps in improved sexual relation. Adding ginger to your meals will surely result in good stamina.

4. Nuts

Nitric oxide is known to help men in maintaining harder erection. Nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and pistachios are loaded with L-arginine which is the main agent for developing nitric oxide. Having nuts will instantly show its effects on your sexual stamina.

5. Apples –

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a well known saying. Apple is loaded with a type of antioxidant known for improving sexual performance called quercetin. This antioxidant helps in generating new mitochondria in our cells. Increased number of mitochondria increases the oxidative capacity in the person. It ensures that you have maximum amount of oxygen that the muscles can be used. Quercetin stops the release of cortisone which is responsible for the muscle breakdown which gives you longer time of pleasure without any fatigue.

6. Oats –

Oats are a good source of l- arginine which is an amino acid commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a wholegrain cereal that helps in regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels result in the condition of atherosclerosis in which the arteries tends to get clogged and becomes much narrow disrupting the flow of blood in the body. Atherosclerosis result in heart problems but the problems that comes into notice first is in the area below the belt. The arteries in this area are much narrower than the coronary blood vessels so they have earlier possibility of clotting. So, better the cholesterol level, better and strong will be the erection.


7. Garlic

According to historians, ancient Egyptians used to consume to pump up their stamina. Research shows that consumption of garlic stops the formation of fatty deposits in the arterial wall, including the arteries leading to penis. Garlic not only helps you to keep your heart healthy but also helps in getting harder erection making you last longer in bed.

8. Quinoa

Quinoa is the best high-fiber food as it contains all 9 essential amino acids which make it a full source of protein. It also contains calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese. The fiber in quinoa contains bile acid which helps in regulating and decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body. Our body takes longer time to digest fiber but this nutrient dense food provides with long lasting energy and strength that will help you keep going.

9. Tuna fish

Deficiency of vitamin B12 gives rise to many bedroom problems. These problems include lower sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and weakness. Tuna fish is loaded with vitamin B12 and is related to optimal mental fitness and enhanced energy. It helps in maintain the health of red blood cells, brain and nerves. Add tuna to you meals and witness the result.

10. Beets

The secret power of beets lie in the nitrates that they contain. Nitrates do wonders in improving the circulation of blood not in the genital region but all over the body. It is also very good for the brain as it will be nourished with the regular supply of ample blood making you more focused during your sexual relation.

11. Banana

Bananas are known as male enhancement food  andboost the testosterone levels in men. Bananas provide energy as they are loaded with simple carbs. The plenty of potassium and vitamin B helps you to last longer in bed.

12. Wild salmon

This fish is loaded with omega–3 fatty acids that help in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a good agent for harder erection. It has also proven to improve erectile function in men with syndrome related to metabolism.

13. Spinach

Spinach helps in maintaining stronger and harder erections. Spinach comes with loaded arginine which provides enhanced power to the penis. When this amino acid enters the body it is converted into nitric oxide that helps in good erection.

14. Chia seeds

Chia seeds have appropriate level of healthy fats, proteins and fats that provides you with stable energy all throughout. They won’t cause any drop or spike in the insulin levels or blood sugar levels which would rather cause disruption in your pleasure time.

15. Chilies

Yes chilies too can enhance your sexual stamina! Chilies produces heat in the body that makes you naturally high and in turn provides you with good sexual performance. Chilies are also responsible for increasing libido.

16. Coffee

A study have suggested that the men who have 80-175 mg caffeine from other beverages are most likely to suffer erectile dysfunction than the one who consume up to 7 mg of this stimulant every day. Those who intake 4 – 7 cups were less likely to suffer this dysfunction. According to scientists this stimulant triggers a lot of reactions that resultantly increase the flow of blood southwards.

17. Tomatoes

According to a study the vegetables grown in garden improve the sperm shape (morphology). Men with increased tomato intake got between 8 to 10% more sperm that were natural.

18. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice improves the blood circulation and helps in curing erectile dysfunction. Good flow of blood helps in maintaining harder and stronger erection that would ultimately give you a memorable experience.

19. Green tea

Green tea is flushed with catechist that not only helps you get rid of belly fat and improves the liver’s capability to turn fat into instant energy but it pumps up the sexual desire as it promotes the blood circulation in the genital area. It also removes the radicals that inflame and damage the blood vessels which in turn increase its ability to transport blood. It also makes blood vessel cells to release nitric oxide which expands the blood vessels. Flow of blood to genital area means generation of enhanced excitement.

20. Dark chocolates

Cacao is responsible for increasing the amount of mood boosting hormone called serotonin. It lowers the stress level boosting the level of sexual desires. It makes very easy for a man to reach orgasm instantly.A good sexual relation also depends upon the love and respect the partners share. Sex and love making are a bit different from each other.

Sex may not include the love quotient it can be mere fun and the bodily requirement that some people lust for. Whereas, lovemaking is something more soulful it involves the love, care and respect between the partners wherein they are totally devoted to each other and not just the bodily fulfillment. A good sexual performance can also be affected by the past sexual experience. The one who have suffered sexual abuse will surely be in trauma due to the past experience. Such persons experience lower self esteem, lower level of social support from the peers and lower or diminishing level of passion.

The above listed 20 foods are sex timing increase foods that will surely help you last longer and better in bed. These foods will ensure that you encounter thrilling experience. Not only stamina but these foods help in maintaining health and make the person fit and active. Other than food sex timing capsule can do wonders in developing the excitement and stamina in men which many men trust and use.

X-fire Capsules -:- One Step Solution for Men Sex Problem

Dr. Hashmi’s X-fire capsules are the best capsules when it comes to enhancing sexual power and stamina. These capsules boost the sex drive naturally and increase the libido in men. It helps in maintaining better testosterone secretion so that you can enjoy the enhanced thrill. It is also responsible for the increased ejaculation duration in other words it also works on the ejaculation that occurs too sooner before the climax.

X-fire helps in increasing the desire to indulge in the act of sex and provides you with the power of engaging in enthusiastic and long lasting experience of love making. It also strengthens the veins and muscles of the penile area and helps in maintaining and sustaining stronger and harder erections. X-fire capsules are combination of unani and herbal formulation.

It is made from the featured herbs that work as an aid to enhance your sexual power and stamina. It is natural medicine that is safe from any kind of side effects, making it trustworthy. X-fire capsules are very effective and have won trust of many men and changed their life in terms of sexual experience due to the increased stamina. It helps in generating enthusiasm and satisfaction amongst both the partners.

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