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How To Make Sperm Stronger Naturally | 7 Secrets Way You Should Try

Sperms, the super-magical element found in man’s testicles, the cause of human-birth-cycle on earth. As you know, the quality of sperm decides the health and capacity of kids, it’s the dream of every man to fertile his woman with best sperm. But unfortunately, it is not in our hands. What is in our hands is methods to supercharge sperms to increase the chances of healthy conception. There are ways to boost the sperm’s health and motility. They methods can be helpful for every man, be it the person with sperm defects or the person with low sperm count. In this blog, we have provided 7 secrets to supercharge sperm count naturally. Check them below;

❶ Check these Lifestyle Factors-

To raise the quality of sperms, every men should follow these simple yet highly potent norms. These are mentioned in ancient naturopathy and also confirmed in various scientific studies from time to time.

➤ Avoid testicles overheating- The testicles remain outside of our body because nature has created it this way to keep the sperms in cooler temperature than the body. Higher temperature for longer periods destroys the motility and conceiving ability of sperms. To avoid this situation,
Wear loose, cotton underwear

Don’t use tight pants

Sleep in as less clothes as possible to maintain less temperature

Stay away from hot baths or saunas.

➤ Wear supportive underwear during sports (Jockstrap)- During the sports, running or exercise activity, use jockstrap to support and protect your testicles. It saves sperms from unwanted damage.
 ➤Body Massage with herbal oils- A little massage once or twice a week maintains the good blood circulation levels in the body. It helps in full nourishment of sperms and keeps them healthy.

 ➤Relieve mental stress levels- The stress is the killer of sexual drive. Higher level of stress blocks Leydig cells that lowers the testosterone levels and reduces the sperm production significantly. On the other hand, exhaustion can also lead to stress which can impact the sperms negatively.

 ➤Quit smoking- Smoking is injurious in multiple ways. So far the sperms’ health is concerned, smoking can lead to 22% less sperm count in comparison to man who does not smoke. It directly damages the sperm health and motility.
Quit smoking
➤Moderate alcohol consumption- Liquor is harmful for mental, body and sexual health. You know that still you consume. So, here is a thing. Drink moderately. It would maintain the balance. Liquor upsets the testosterone production which reduces the sperm count in men.
Moderate alcohol consumption
 ➤Save semen wastage- It is a good idea to increase the quality of sperm and boost sperm count. If you are diagnosed with lower sperm count, try skipping sperm ejaculation for a longer period. Say if you ejaculate every 2nd day, try to preserve semen for four days in a row and follow this pattern. It helps in many cases.

 ➤Avoid toxins contact- We know it is hard to completely avoid the touch of chemicals in modern artificial products market, you can try to make a distance in certain scenarios like,


Avoid the touch of chemicals to skin, if you work in such establishment, by wearing gloves.

Stop Pesticides/ herbicides use in your garden or yard

Use herbal cleaning solutions instead of chemical products.

 ➤Rational medicine use- Certain medicines can impact negatively on your sperms production and levels. If you are on some long-term medical prescription, ask your doctor to check for its effect on sperms. Cross-check the ingredients of the medicine to ensure safety.

Avoid Radioactive impact- The world is rapidly turning into one big source of radioactive rays. Our future generations will born with the ability to bear that impact but so far our body is concerned, we need a protective distance from such environments. The best we can do is; 

  Avoid laptop usage in lap
  Avoid cell phones in pant pockets
  Keep fridge and AC out of your bedroom
  Follow all standard protective measures if you work in radioactive rays affected establishments.

 ➋ Improve Diet intake quality-

When it comes to nourish the sperms and increase production level of sperms and testosterone, diet plays a crucial role. Whatever you eat, has a particular effect on your body. A rich protein diet, low in fat and high in minerals surely boosts your sperms’ health.food

Eat quality home-made food

Avoid market-processed packed food

Avoid spicy and hot food.

❏ Bring variance in your diet with fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat.

Nuts and seeds, walnuts, almonds, fig, etc. energize sperm production

❏ Soy-based foods upset testosterone production.

❏ Coke is analyzed to reduce the sperm count, if consumed regularly.

➌Discipline in Exercise regimen-

Wants to increase sperm count? Do exercise. Wants to increase testosterone levels? Do exercise. Wants to increase Sexual libido? Do exercise. We are not asking for hardcore, heavyweight gym training. A moderate daily schedule of 30-45 minutes would do the needful. When a man does exercise and challenges his body capacity, he gets a testosterone boost with a feeling of manliness. This trigger initiates the new process of better body build-up and higher manly esteem. But don’t push too hard in few day as it would invite exhaustion which upsets the testosterone levels. So, a moderate workout session is the best way to achieve optimum manliness and a healthy sperm count.

Avoid using steroids. Besides damaging body natural build and capacity, it severely damages lever, digestion and sperm production by shrinking testicles.

➍ Overweight is not Good-

Though the relation between overweight and sperm count is not yet established, a study strengthen its impact. In a French study, approx. 42% of obese men were found with lower sperm count than the slimmer men. It was also found that 81% obese men had no sperms in their ejaculation. It is speculated, may be it is due to the fat cells that convert the testosterone into estrogen while some claims it is due to excess heat generation in thighs due to high fat accumulation.

So, health-wise and sperm-wise, cutting the fat sounds like a good suggestion. You can avoid various heart issues and sexual issues in one strike.

 Try Sperm Stronger Naturally Supplement-

Supplements, specially made to tackle sperms issues, can be of good use but complete care should be taken in the selection of the product. Only natural supplements should be opted in order to avoid chemical interaction with sperms. Besides, herbal supplements fulfill the deficiency by naturally healing.

For you ease, Babytone Capsule is recommended for sperms’ overall health. It is the pure natural sperms booster with the trust of expert supervision and thorough research. The product ranks among the top-rated sperm health boosters. It works on deep aspects of sperms like sperm motility, deformity, weakness, twin tale sperms, inability in egg-fertilization, etc. The complete course of Babytone sperm booster brings the optimum health of sperms for successful conception in 70% cases.

 ➏Diagnosis for penis issues-

If you are bothered due to low or unhealthy sperm issue, you should also get diagnosis for your penis health. Some STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can cause interruption in sperms flow through penis. Don’t worry as most of penis issues can be treated with antibiotics/ antiviral medications but the regular checkup is very important.

One more penis issue that can affect penis health negatively is Varicocele. In this issue, veins catch swelling that drains the testicles. The temperature of testicles in this situation increases and reduces the capability and count of sperms. Your doctor can tell if you are suffering from this situation. The surgery is the way to get rid away from this situation.

 ➐ Herbs that can be used-

There are some herbs that can benefit in the issue of sperms health. These herbs are also known to boost male sexual capacity and are used from ancient times by different tribes and communities. But the guidance of specialist in naturopathy is highly recommended before trying any of these herbs. You can find the basic usage instructions of these herbs on their package but the impact and right dosage, do’s and don’ts of these herbs can be instructed by expert professional only. Below mentioned are some of the main herbs, deemed beneficial in this cause.

❏ Korean Ginseng

❏ Saw Palmetto

❏ Ginkgo Biloba extract

❏ Muira puama

❏ Horny Goat weed

❏ Tribulus terrestris

These are the standard tips to protect sperms from unnecessary harm/ wastage. If you are in need of proper sperm treatment, you can fill the Free Consultation form/ Query form provided on the page.

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