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How to Gain Weight for Men? : Result Oriented Method for Skinny People

weight gain exercise
Gaining weight is a necessary objective for a man. A man without power is a man without luxury. Even if he has all the wealth and resources of life, he will not be able to utilize those assets in their right way. A man should always prefer his health and body above every other pleasure of life. Man is known as the source of power and it should feel so when you look at yourself.

In this blog, you will know not about gaining weight but about how to gain weight and make body full of strength. Adding Fat is the medium to gain weight but it should not be the ultimate objective. Go through the blog to get the broader perspective.

Check out the chart below to compare your stats.

A man`s body is made for building muscles. No matter how thin you are, if you are free from any kind of limitations like diseases, toxic addictions, etc. then there should be no problem in gaining weight. But the irony is that still, lots of boys/ young men fail to gain weight even after eating good amount of food.

Looking for “How to Gain Weight ?” for Men, know it here.

Let`s have a look at these life changing steps;

Step 1 : Prepare Your Mind and Body :-

To achieve anything, first you should have the feel of it. When you completely focus on something, your mind and body obviously start acting for it. You are thin at present but imagine how would you look like after gaining weight. It will give you a clear and near perspective for your efforts. You will be content as you know why you are putting efforts in the workout. It also saves you from spending time on useless things and your hormones work in a definitive direction to increase weight.


Step 2 : Balanced Diet Chart :-

Eat good Nutritional diet balanced diet chart – Everyone knows that consuming lot of calories is a must to increase weight and all the skinny boys do that as well. But they still don’t gain a pound. Why? Because the eating regime is not balanced. If you eat much one day, you could not eat the same diet another day and this gap creates energy gap.

nutritional diet to gain weight

On an average, a young man should be taking approx. 2000 calories to pass the daily life activities with ease. If you want to gain weight, you will have to take 500 more calories which mean you have to add more to your current diet. Now that poses a problem for most of you.

To get out of this dilemma, review your diet plan. Add those foods which are not heavy but have more calories. You can follow this diet plan or similar to this.

You can make the Diet time-table like this or can choose as per your schedule but maintain proper gap between two diets.

  • Breakfast –  7 am (If you do gym in the morning)
  • Breakfast –  9-10 am
  • Lunch –  1 pm
  • After lunch Snacks –  4 pm
  • Dinner –  7 pm

    Breakfast: Breakfast should be light but full of calories. You can add granules, corn flakes, juice, extra cheese sandwich, sandwich with peanut butter, 2 boiled eggs/ Omelette, in your breakfast with your daily diet. If you have time to do the workout in the morning, then separate your morning diet into 2 portions. Take the first diet as soon as you complete your workout and second diet before you go to your office/ college.
    The best thing to take after workout is Whey protein concentrate. There are various types of whey protein supplement are available in the market but Whey protein concentrate is the best one for beginners because it contains 75 to 80% protein and rest is carbohydrates and minerals.

    Lunch: Now you are hungry again and should use this opportunity to take more calories than morning. Your lunch should contain 80% part in protein and rest part in carbohydrates and minerals. There is a big list of foods that can give you good amount of protein like chicken, tuna, ham & cheese, cheeseburger, grilled chicken, beans, etc. Choose as per your preferences but remember only one thing, take good quality calories.

    weight gain

After Lunch Snacks: It is an important part of your dietary plan which most men skip. Evening calorie consumption gives you boost in gaining weight. You can take low-fat milkshake, juice, cheese sandwich, cereal, etc. but don’t skip.

Dinner: Your last diet of day and it should also be full of calories as these calories will be used to supplement and repair the whole day energy-loss. You can take Veg. or Non-veg. food as per your choice but take care of the calorie consumption. It is the most important part to end the day.

If you do the workout in the evening, then take the dinner one-hour post workout. For quick energy refilling after gym, take protein supplement instead.

Late Dinner Diet: If you keep waking late in night, then you can use that time to have small amount of calories like dessert, frozen yogurt, protein shake, or sandwich with peanut butter.

You are reading how to gain weight for men using proven practical method

Step 3 : Training and Exercise (Strength Building) :-

Now comes the part which will carve your body into what you want to be. For this, don’t fear to push your limits. Whatever pain and struggle you will face will bear sweet fruits later.

Follow this Legitimate Workout Session to Increase Weight :-

Amateur Phase – In this phase, focus of workout should lie on building stamina and strength in muscle tissues. This phase will continue for One month. You can extend it further for 10 days maximum if you feel like continuing the same routine.

Rookie Phase – Till this time, your body becomes capable and disciplined for bodybuilding. Now you can and you should shift to more sincere workout regime. This routine can go for 3-4 months.

Pro Phase – The last and most rigorous routine starts from here. Now you would have gained good body fitness and appearance. If you want you can continue your previous regime or can boost your strength and physique to your supreme level.

Amateur Phase – Start exercises with lightweight and 1 set of each exercise.

Limit the 7-10 repetitions in each set. Your body and mind should be feeling good while you are doing the things.

Lifting heavy weights initially is not suggested. Start with light weights till your body is able to repeat these exercises easily. The small efforts will show up quickly.

These are the Exercises for the Schedule.

“Squat, Bench Press, Pushups, Seated Overhead Barbell Press, Bent-over Row, Stiff leg Deadlift, Skull Crushers, Dumbbell Curl, Pull-Ups/Pull Down, Leg Curl, Sit-ups, Calf Raise”

Schedule for the week:

After 2 weeks, start doing 2 sets of each exercise.

Rookie Phase – This is the main workout phase and you have to increase the types and sets of exercises in this phase. You will be doing the exercises with the combination of moderate and lightweight in the same schedule of 3 days a week.

Do maximum of 5-7 repeats in each set.

Do 3 sets of each exercise.
Take first set with moderate weight and other two sets with light weight.

Include these new exercises in your regime with old exercises.

“Still Leg Deadlift, Cable tricep Extension, Dumbbell Hammer Curl, Barbell Shrugs, Side bends, Cable Crunches or Planks”

Schedule for the week:

You can continue this phase for as long as you want with the right diet to gain good body shape. If you want to go ahead for full-strength, high muscle toning training, then you can move to Phase 3.

Pro Phase – This stage is for muscle builders who want to go an extra mile to look masculine. This phase will be a combination of heavy, light and moderate weights.

Do minimum of 7 repeats in one set. Total repetitions of one exercise should be 20 minimum.

Do 3 sets of each exercise.

Make a combination of different exercises mentioned above.

Schedule for the week:

Fast weight gain supplements to help in your efforts: When you go to gym, your body demands extra energy for muscle repairing and strengthening. You eat food that supports your daily energy needs but to save those added calories in the body, you need a good supplement that can quickly repair muscle tissues with protein source. For this, you can try one or the combination of below mentioned natural supplements.

Fish Oil – Fish oil contains rich amount of protein and thus can be used by Non-vegetarian people to gain good amount of protein. 

Multivitamin – Multivitamin powders or pills is also a good source to fulfill the different minerals and vitamins requirement of body.

Whey Protein – One of most used medium to supplement the body protein need. Protein is the main source of muscle building and whey protein is an easy to consume method to get it. There are numerous brands in the market and you can take as per your budget. Beginners should take Whey Protein Concentrate.

Natural Weight Gainer Supplement – Other popular and good medium to gain all required nourishment for body is natural weight gainer supplement. Vetoll XL capsule is one of the best natural fast weight gain supplements. It provides good amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins to the body which aids in body building hugely. It is also 100% natural and safe supplement with long-lasting results.

Things to Remember :-things to remember

While you are gaining weight, you should be a bit careful in some of your life practices like,

Stay away from alcohol and smoking. If you take alcohol then limit it to weekly while taking good protein diet with it. Alcohol damages and loosens the body tissues and so you would not be able to put your 100% in gym the next day. Limit it to weekly and slowly you would feel like making more distance from this.

Don’t stay awake late in night. Sleeping after 11 pm would lead you to dull mornings. The body needs proper rest after gym and whole day work. Don’t distract your mind with phone or T.V. Your body and mind need proper rest to heal and refresh.

Drink good amount of water whole day. It maintains blood circulation easy and purified. Also, it completes the body`s oxygen need by the mixing in blood. To digest your heavy diet, water is a very good source.

Every man has his sexual urge but, postpone your masturbation or sexual activity on gym days. The more you save your semen, the more you would be able to gain in energy. It is the energy source of your body and every man has a different limit. Timely ejaculation helps maintain good testosterone levels but excessive or zero ejaculation works negatively.

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