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Alcohol Addiction – 17 Ways To Get Rid Of Alcohol Naturally

Alcohol addiction implies having uncontrolled and unsafe drinking habit. Most people drink but some get into habit of excessive drinking like drinking each day excessively once or more than one time. Alcohol abuse can hurt your connections, make you miss work, and prompt legitimate issues, for example, driving while drunk. When you get addicted to alcohol, you keep on drinking despite the fact that you know your drinking is causing issues. Alcohol treatment medicine are available but the medicines alone can`t do any wonder in this situation. To gain some productive results, one has to be determined to change his/ her life.

In the event that you keep on consuming liquor, it can prompt dangerous results. You become physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol. You find a strong urge to drink. You get an inclination that you should drink just to get by.

If you face two or more of these symptoms, then you are under alcohol addiction:

• You can’t stop drinking or control the amount you drink.
• You need to drink more to get a similar impact.
• You have withdrawal manifestations when you quit drinking. These incorporate feeling wiped out stomach, sweating, shaking, and nervousness.
• You invest a great deal of energy in drinking and recuperating from drinking, or you have surrendered different exercises so you can drink.
• You have attempted to stop drinking or to reduce the sum you drink however haven’t possessed the capacity to.
• You keep on drinking despite the fact that it hurts your connections and causes physical issues.

What is the “More Than Normal Limit”?

Alcohol is the part of normal habits of many people. But most people take it as leverage and cherish drinking. But when alcohol meets with imbalanced emotional and individual status, then it brings only destruction.

You are at risk of drinking too much if you are;
• A woman who takes more 3 drinks at one time or more than 7 drinks a week. It includes all types of drinks, ie; beer, liquor and wine.
• A man who takes more than 4 drinks at one time or more than 14 drinks a week which will be counted for beer, liquor and wine.

One Mistake Leads to Another:-

Excessive or regular Alcohol drinking leads to heavy damage to a person`s mental and physical state. It doesn’t stop until it ruins the person. The only solution is prevention and to wake the senses. It might start with just a small step but can convert to a huge blunder. Knowledge can save you from that. You should have the knowledge of alcohol abuse because uninterrupted alcohol abuse will take you alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms :-

• Alcohol consumption starts interfering with work, school or other activities.
• The person will drink by all means and everywhere.
• Will start experiencing memory losses or blackouts.
• Faces accidents or injuries after drinking and still repeat the same.
• The person drinks even though there are physical conditions that would be worsened by drinking.

Alcohol Abuse Progresses to Addiction when the Following Signs Show Up :-

• The person starts drinking carelessly and can`t control anything.
• He/she feels need of more amount of alcohol to reach on the same peak.
• Withdrawal symptoms fall very hard on the sufferer whenever he/she stops the consumption of alcohol. Makes him feel sick and anxious.
• The person leaves behind habits and hobbies that he once used to enjoy.
• Major part of time is spent either drinking or recovering from drinking.
• Even though it starts damaging the career, education, family or other relationships.
• Person drinks even in the morning, drinks alone and stays drunk for long hours.
• The person starts concealing his/her habit, makes excuses and keeps drinking.
• They consistently rely on alcohol to handle their day to day activities.
• Even when the drinker tries and says to quit alcohol, he repeatedly drinks.
• Grabbing Alcohol becomes the major objective of his / her life.

Super Home Remedies to Deal with Alcohol Addiction:

Lets’s Check One by One in Detail :-

1. Exercise-

Exercise is a very difficult and painful task for a person suffering from alcohol abuse but it is not impossible. Exercise is the very good medium to strengthen


your will and to raise you from the heap of waste. When you do exercise, you not only work on body, but also work on your mind. It makes your will strong and give you inspiration to attach to other healthy things. Consistent physical exercise will help lessen the long haul impacts of liquor addiction.

Moreover, practice keeps the body solid, decreases push, enhances temperament, battles melancholy and lessens desires. Customary exercise additionally advances better rest during the evening. Given the physical and mental advantages of activity, numerous liquor recovery programs contain some sort of activity part.
In you exercise regime, incorporate activities like lively strolling, running, biking, swimming or vigorous exercise in your day by day schedule. If you fail to practice all alone, get assistance from a specialist.

2. Yoga and Meditation-

Yoga and meditation are the practices that can bring the big changes in one`s life. Not just the alcohol, Yoga benefits for every person. It works to bring immense positive energy in the doer which helps him/her override every possible hurdle. Yoga enables individuals to restore the association between their body and mind, while enhancing physical capacity. It is very beneficial in fighting with anxiety and emotional struggles. Yoga helps the person unbind the internal potential which helps him/her discover new goals for life. Yoga is the best gift for alcohol addiction treatment in India that has changed lives of millions.

The Yoga Asanas that can help with alcohol abuse are Savasana, Jathara Parivartanasana, Apanasana, Viparita Karani, Baddha Konasana, Paschimottanasana, Balasana, Vajrasana and Pranayam.

3. Good Nutritional Diet-

Good food is good for body and mental calmness. It is an essential part that helps to stay calm and decrease impacts of excessive drinking. Alcohol addiction reduces body’s capacity to absorb nutrients, minerals and other beneficial elements of food. The body needs numerous vitamins and minerals to bring power and ability to tackle alcoholism.

• Eat foods that are full of vitamin B12 as it assists in enhancing the liver working and helps stop liquor craving.
• Foods high in vitamin C are good to enhance mind efficiency and diminish your interest for alcohol.
• Eat foods high in amino acids to help stabilize mood swings, which will help break the addiction cycle.
• Avoid caffeine, sugar and nicotine, which increase the urge to drink.

It is best to eat items made of grains, oats, vegetables, fruits and other fiber-rich complex carbohydrates to help maintain glucose levels. Low glucose levels increases the craving for alcohol.

4. Dates-

Dates help with detoxifying and clearing out poison from the liver that is very necessary to remove to maintain healthy and stable alcohol distance. In addition, dates help lessen craving and helps replace lost nutrients.
1. Soak 4 or 5 dates in some water for 60 minutes.
2. Mash the absorbed dates the water and remove the seeds.
3. Drink this blend twice daily.
4. Take this solution for 1 to 2 months.

5. Dandelion-

Dandelion is generally utilized for treating liquor withdrawal side effects. This herb helps treat the symptoms of excessive drinking. Furthermore, it restores the liver tissues and enhances the creation of bile and stimulates its flow. It contains the polysaccharide insulin, which upgrades the body’s invulnerability and the generation of white platelets.
• Take 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion root and steep it into boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink this tea every day two times, for two or three months.
• On the other hand, you can take 500 mg of dandelion root capsule 2 times a day. But before taking capsule, counsel with a specialist.

6. Grapes-

Grapes are a standout amongst the most prominent and successful home remedies for controlling alcohol habit. When you have the craving for having liquor, drink a glass of grape juice instead or eat some grapes. Since grapes contain the purest type of a liquor making element in them, they serve as a good alternative for heavy drinkers. Grapes are rich in potassium, which keeps up alkaline blood levels, while healing the kidneys. Grapes contain capability to expel poison from the liver and reduce the odds of disease. It is one of its kind alcohol addiction medicine.

7. Coconut Oil-

Coconut oil is another good natural solution that helps treat alcohol addiction. Liquor consumption prompts oxidative stress which triggers insulin resistance and interferes with brain glucose metabolism. Being rich in antioxidants and saturated fats, coconut oil helps nourishing and heals the mind.

Coconut is also trusted to help destroy yeast in the body. It additionally decreases sugar and liquor desires since yeast feasts upon sugar. Additionally, this food is useful for bringing down cholesterol, giving vitality, and keeping up a good weight.

• Eat a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day.
• You can likewise add it to your hot beverages or smoothies and use it while cooking.

8. Apples-

Apples are an ancient solution to cure alcohol addiction. Apples not just remove the poison from body but also decrease the desire to consume liquor.
You can eat an apple every day or just drink the pure and fresh, one glass apple juice every day.

9. Acupuncture Therapy-

Acupuncture therapy is a type of old Chinese prescription, which is found very valuable strategy for opposing cravings and preventing relapse. As per a recent report published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, acupuncture therapy on the right points on the ear can help diminish the craving for liquor.
Acupuncture therapy can also help in diminishing anxiety and sadness, which are two primary causes for extreme drinking. It additionally fortifies general health. Take the assistance of specialist for this therapy.

10. Severe Gourd-

Though is sore in taste, Severe gourd is a natural remedy that takes out poison from the body. Also, it recuperates liver harm done by alcohol consumption.
1. Extract the juice from bitter gourd.
2. Mix 3 teaspoons of this juice in a glass of buttermilk.
3. Drink it once every day on an empty stomach.
4. Continue the solution for two to three months.
Besides, you can use Severe gourd in your diet as vegetable.

11. Celery-

Celery is a natural antidote for alcohol abuse. It helps in removing the poison from the body and enhances general well being. It additionally limits the craving for sugar and liquor.
1. Mix ½ glass of celery juice with ½ glass of water.
2. Drink it twice daily for a couple of months.

12. Ginseng-

Both American and Asian ginseng can help in distancing the body from liquor and also to flush out the poisons. Ginseng can also lessen the rate of alcohol consumption in your stomach.

13. Milk Thistle-

This herb is an astounding home remedy for treating liver issues caused by alcohol abuse. This herb upgrades liver capacities, alongside repairing the harm caused to the liver. Well known as a liver tonic, Milk thistle has the dynamic element of silymarin, which can repair the harm caused by liquor or drug addiction, hepatitis, and other toxins.

14. Kudzu-

Kudzu is a Chinese herb that can incredibly help in reducing liquor related aftereffects and desires. An institutionalized kudzu concentrate can enable individuals to eliminate drinking habits.
Take the concentrate containing approx. 30 to 40% kudzu twice every day. Continue this treatment for a couple of months.

Note: Kindly consult your doctor before taking this herb as it can interfere with other medicines.

15. Take Fruit Juices-

Fruit juice is a good source to gain direct nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It

also is a good medium to keep you away from alcohol cravings, make you strong and energize your body parts.

16. Keep Yourself Occupied and Bring Changes in Your Lifestyle-

One important thing to keep away from alcohol consumption is to indulge in some creational activities. Do not sit idle thinking of vague things, rather invest your time in some productive activities. An empty mind is satan`s home and so don’t let it come in your mind. Art, music, study, book reading, etc. there are thousands of things that you can do to busy your mind and once you gets used to it, you will forget alcohol again.
Make some disciplines in your life and stuck to good and positive thoughts with people who care for you and whom you care for. Don’t feed on negative or disappointing thoughts rather make yourself believe that you are more than that. Believing is achieving, look around the world for examples any time.

17. Natural Alcohol Addiction Medicine-

While you try to leave alcohol after strong addiction, there surely arises some withdrawal symptoms and there is also the possibility of other harmful diseases in the body. To heal the body, energize the liver and bring harmony, you can opt for this natural alcohol addiction treatment called, Antobacus.

Antobacus is the natural alcohol addiction pills made of pure natural and rare her

bs, to encounter the alcohol addiction and its symptoms in a strong and reliable manner. The medicine is a natural formulation and thus is far from side effects risk. Antobacus is the complete alcohol addiction treatment in India that has produced most result oriented impact on its users. It is a complete course that supplements all the deficits caused due to alcohol addiction and brings a stable and natural positive impact on the body that helps the sufferer to come out from the issue easily and safely.

Additional Tips:-

  • Tell your friends and family people that you want to quit alcohol.
  • Be with people whom you love and have a soft spot.
  • Avoid people who invites for bad habits and thoughts and those who drink a lot.
  • Drink good amount of water.
  • Take 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day.
  • Listen to good music. It helps in building good things in your mind.
  • Follow your hobbies and try to show them to others.
  • Avoid smoking.

These are some of the main remedies that one can practice to gain benefit in quitting their alcohol habits. If you have anything to say, be it doubt, query, question or feedback, you can directly comment below.

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