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White Discharge Reasons and Solution, What is it All About?

White discharge or vaginal discharge is the most debated topic amongst women. Many myths are related to this topic. There is nothing to worry about until you witness some serious symptoms. This is natural and there is nothing to be concerned for. Many women go through a range of different types of discharge throughout their menstrual cycle. Women tend to produce some thick or thin, odorless mucus like substance each day. The color of this mucus varies from clear to white to brown. The different colors and textures of this mucus is because of the hormones and what’s going on in your body.

❐ What is it all about?

The white discharge that you witness before your periods is termed as leucorrhea. This discharge is filled with cells and fluids that are being shed from the vagina and can appear slightly yellow at times. This phase of the menstrual cycle is called luteal phase. It is the time when the progesterone hormone is at the peak in your body. When the estrogen hormone is at peak the discharge appears to be clear, stretchy or watery. Whereas, when progesterone is on peak the mucus tends to be cloudy or white.This discharge can also be used as a way to check fertility potential.This practice is known as family planning strategy or fertility awareness method. When the mucous is thin and stretchy it is


considered right time to get pregnant as it signifies fertile phase. This happens around the time when your egg is released. When thick white mucous flows down, it is considered infertile cervical mucus. This type of mucus is witnessed between your ovulation and the start of your periods.  Discharge keeps the tissues of the vagina lubricated healthy, regardless of color or texture. As long as this discharge is not accompanied with pain, itching or redness, it is considered normal.

❐ Reasons:-

The reasons responsible for the discharge that flows down the vagina are listed below:-

➤ Contraceptives – Contraceptives changes your hormone level which leads to the increased level of discharge. This is one of the common side effects of contraceptives.


➤ Reproductive system – Before your periods occurring of white discharge is normal part of menstrual cycle. The normal discharge at this phase is sometimes referred as “egg white mucus”. It is called egg white mucus because of its slippery, thin and stretchy texture. This discharge tends to be odorless.

➤ Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infection (STIs) – STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomonas are most likely to cause discharge. During gonorrhea and chlamydia discharge tends to be yellow pus – like. These sexually transmitted infections are generally asymptomatic. Whereas, trichomonas possess symptoms that includes fishy – smelly yellowish or greenish discharge and itching.


➤ Pregnancy – An early sign of pregnancy can be the discharge before your periods. It is however, difficult to differentiate between the discharge due to pregnancy and your usual monthly cycle discharge but it is thicker and creamier than the normal discharge.

white discharge

➤ Candidiasis (yeast infection) – Intake of antibiotics increases the risk of yeast infection. However, this infection can occur with no known cause. This infection is most likely to appear before your periods. Discharge during this time is often thick and white. This infection also causes burning and itching in your vulva and vagina.


Bacterial vaginosisIt is an infection that occurs when the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina changes. The exact reason of bacterial vaginosis is still unknown but it is linked with douching, multiple sexual partners and smoking. Discharge during this time is grayish white in color and have unpleasant odor.


➤ HPV infection or cervical cancer – The Human Papilloma Virus or HPV infection is the cancer of cervix. It is generally transmitted through the sexual intercourse. It can develop into cancer and it may not necessarily show symptoms. This type of cancer causes brown, bloody and watery discharge with very bad odor.


Pelvic inflammatory disease This type of infection is also a result of sexual intercourse and occurs when bacteria disperses around the vagina and into the other parts of the women’s reproductive system. It results in very heavy and very unpleasant smell.


❐ Your Monthly Cycle and Textures of Discharge

After your periods end dryness is common for 3 to 4 days and after that you may witness 3 to 5 days of white, sticky and cloudy discharge. This is the phase when egg is developing and this phase is called follicular phase. Clear and watery or clear and stretchy discharge is common around the time of ovulation. During this time you may witness 30 times more than the amount of your normal discharge. When there is “egg white” discharge it becomes extremely easier for the sperm to travel up to the waiting egg, as this discharge is thin and slippery.


White discharge returns after the completion of ovulation since progesterone takes over as the primary hormone. You may witness more of it as compared to what you witness early in your cycle and the amount slowly declines until it becomes thicker and sticky, almost glue-like. On an average such mucus lasts for about 11 to 14 days. The mucus right before the periods may appear yellow at times. Brown discharge can also be witnessed right after the periods. This brown-colored discharge is actually the old blood that existed in your body.

❐ When is Vaginal Discharge a Cause of Concern?

This discharge becomes a cause of concern if you go through the following symptoms:-

✦ Swelling

✦ Redness

✦ Pain, especially in the back

✦ Burning or other discomforts in and around your vagina

✦ Rashes or sores during or without the discharge

✦ Foul or strong vaginal odor

✦ Frothy textured discharge

❐ Lady-care – Medicine for White Discharge and Itching

Dr. Hashmi’s Lady-care capsules are the best herbal treatment for leucorrhea or the vaginal discharge. It contains dughad pashan bhed, bhalatak sudh, daruhaldi, rasvanti, kamarkas, supari chikani, mayeen chhoti, nagar motha, bans lochan, belgiri, mayaphal, chandan lal, chiraita. These are featured herbs that are naturally blessed to cure the problem of white discharge. It is a problem that most of the women have to face in their life and these capsules are soothing aid for all the women suffering the problem of vaginal discharge.

Lady-care capsules treat the urinary tract infections and cures vaginal dryness and irritation. They help in stimulating the hormones that result in balancing the functions of the body. These capsules are blessed to keep the vagina healthy again in a natural manner and are the best treatment for light yellow and white discharge. They are natural capsules and are totally natural. Many women have made their lives much easier grabbing their hands on these capsules. It is very beneficial in long run.

Lady Care Capsules

❐ How to get rid of Discharge Naturally?

Following are the natural ways to treat vaginal white discharge:-


➽ Cumin seeds – Take cumin seeds and grind them. Now mix it well with honey and apply it generously in the vaginal area. For leucorrhea, a concoction made up of cumin seeds is quite effective natural remedy that focuses on getting rid of the outcomes of discharge.


➽ Alum – This is the oldest and the traditional way to cure white discharge in the vagina and any genital related problem. Just add alum powder with water, this gives soluble liquid substance. Apply this like a douche in the vaginal area, this keeps leucorrhea at bay. Alternatively, you can also rub alum each time you take shower as its antibacterial and antifungal properties always help in stopping the breeding of unwanted germs in the vagina.


➽ Turmeric powder and garlic – Turmeric is well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Mixing turmeric powder with garlic proves to be very effective treatment for the vaginal discharge.


➽ Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is responsible for restoring the natural pH of the body. This vinegar possesses acidic and antiseptic properties which helps to restore the acidic quality of the vaginal flora and reduces any kind of odor in the vagina.Mix distilled water and unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar in equal amounts. Use this solution as vaginal wash for few days to witness the results. You can also drink one or two tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water, daily for preventing the white discharge.

Fenugreek seeds

➽ Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek seeds help in maintaining the pH balance in the vagina and also affect the estrogen levels in the body. They are also natural immune booster.Soak in water a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight. In the morning, strain the water and add half teaspoon of honey to the water now obtained. Drink this mixture of honey and fenugreek water on empty stomach. You can also take 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds and boil it in 4 cups of water for half an hour. Strain this and let it cool down and use it as vaginal wash three to four times a day.

➽ Banana – Banana is also a good remedy for leucorrhea. This also helps in solving the problems of digestion and helps in relieving the problem of lethargy that may occur due to the white discharge.Eat at least one or two overripe bananas daily to treat the problem of white discharge. Alternatively, mix two tablespoons of banana flower juice with 2 teaspoons of palmyrah candy and have this mixture once daily.


➽ Saffron – The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of saffron helps in curing leucorrhea. It is an immune booster that speeds up the recovery. Boil a teaspoon of saffron in one-forth cup of water until it is reduced to a tablespoon. Divide this solution in three equal portions. Take one portion and add equal amount of water to it. Drink this solution thrice daily for few days to attain the desired results.

➽ Indian lilac – It is also known as neem and is very effective in treating vaginal odor that occurs hand in hand with leucorrhea. The antiseptic properties of lilac help in fighting off the vaginal infections and reduce other discomforts related to the vaginal discharge like that of itching. Boil the handful of lilac leaves and strain them. Use the strained water as vaginal wash once daily for few weeks.

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