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How To Tighten Your Vagina At Home?

It is the wish of every woman that her husband loves (read sexual interest) her and only her. She tries various things just to gain his attention and give him pleasures he desires. But things become out of control when she faces a situation without a proper solution and which she also can`t reveal to his husband. Problem like vagina looseness is one of such issues.

Most middle-aged women want to know vaginal tightening products that work or vigina tightening home remedies. The reason behind the search of herbal remedies is that women don’t like the idea to experiment with their private parts. What if the product brings any side effects, or what if I don’t gain anything after spending good bucks? If these concerns bother you then you are at the right place coz you will get answers to all these questions with right approach.

Does Vagina Loosening Happen?

Yes, it does. No matter what the internet tells you, loosening happens in vagina. It can happen due to different reasons namely age, stress, pregnancy, diabetes, overweight, etc.

What are the Signs of a Loose Vagina ?

By conducting and observing a few tests, you can figure it out yourself.

➢ You insert the three fingers into the vagina and still feel minimum or no friction.
➢ You put the index finger inside and fail to grip it with vagina walls.
➢ You have urinary leakage drops.
➢ You can`t hold the pressure of urine and feels the need to go again and again.
➢ You find it hard to achieve orgasms like before.
➢ Your partner does not find intercourse sensational and engaging like before.
➢ You vagina remains open even without arousal.

What should a Good Vagina be Like ?

You might have got it all wrong. It ain’t about trimming public hair or wearing sexy panties or playing hot, it’s about what a guy really wish to feel down there in you. These are the things you care least, in most cases.
After conducting various surveys about which type of vagina guys like the most, the results were very different from usual. We compiled it to make it more understanding. A man loves to see his Gf/Wife in beautiful lingerie but the ultimate objective is vagina itself. They expect to have a good feeling when they uncover that part. No foul smell and good hygiene are what they desire in their mind.

The trimmed hair makes the appearance sexier but what turns a man on is the warmth of vagina.
When he touches that part, the responses of woman gives him arousal but he secretly pleases more on the wetness of the vagina.

And whether you say it right or wrong, men prefer the tight pussy. By tight we don’t mean a virgin pussy but the one which is not without friction.

If you take a good care of your private parts, you will surely win his heart. But there might be some barriers as well which are not in the control of women like tightness and lubrication. Some women do not get wet even aroused and some women become loose even before the age. For those instances, we have brought forward some very useful and result oriented tips to make your love life great again.

Some Guys are Misinformed and they Put Blames on You.

Ladies, it is quite possible that you are blamed for something that you are not responsible for. For instance, he might say that you don’t get aroused/ get wet or you are loose because I don’t feel any friction or blah-blah-blah. Believe me, no guy has a right to blame you. Even when you really have an issue then he should be smart enough to know it and help you get it removed. One part done.

Now let`s analyze the points that your partner might point out where your role was not due.

There are half of the cases that happen due to some unobserved reasons during sex act like when your partner is not that engaging in bed or he ignores the proper foreplay part and you don’t get the right sensation to indulge in the act or he goes too fast or too rough with which you don’t relate your fantasies, all these things can make you neutral for sex and when he is done with all the formalities execution, he might say that you don’t get wet or warm as a girl should be.

In such situations, there is nothing wrong with you. It is him who should be a bit more connected to your feel.Then there are types of vagina like big vagina/small vagina, extra skin vagina, etc. If he is a bit immature or ignorant, he might say that your vagina is loose because of that extra skin, or your vagina is too big or other comments. You should not worry about it at all. Some women possess bigger vagina while some possess smaller bony vagina and the extra layer is also not abnormal. These all are the types of vagina just like men have variances in penis.

The Benefits of Having a Tight Vagina:

Having a tight vagina is not just a plus point for man but for woman herself. A woman should do this for herself. Have a look at the below mentioned points.

Increased Pleasure–

When the vagina walls are tight, they tend to bring more friction during oral or intercourse. The inner walls of the vagina are very soft and sensitive. The vagina expands during arousal and so if the space between them is already big, it increases during arousal, bringing the friction to the minimum. Friction and internal touch is the key to attain peak points.

Quality Orgasm–

If a man is not suffering from abnormal orgasm problem, he always ejaculate before ending the sex session but the same is not the condition with females. In fact, half of the females don’t achieve orgasm in their sex endeavors due to multiple reasons like immature sexual sensation, improper foreplay, lack of proper coordination, loose vagina, etc. While most of these reasons are due to men, loosen vagina is on the woman`s part. If the health and state of vagina are good, the chances for intense orgasm increase many fold.

Boosts Confidence–

It depends upon the psychological aspects. When you are appreciated in bed for your better body appeal, and when you yourself feel toned, it brings positive outlook to your thought process.

Removes Incontinence–

It is one of the main benefits of having a tight vagina. The vagina muscles and bladder muscles help in holding the urine. If the vagina walls are loose, it will unknowingly leak some drops of urine during some physical activity, sneezing, jumping or running.

How to Tighten Your Vagina at Home?

The natural ways to tighten your vagina has become too easy to follow with our verified solution.

Vagitot herbal cream – Vagitot is the herbal Vaginal Tightening Products that work, formulated by renowned natural medicine producer, Hashmi Pharmacy, to tighten the vagina. It is a complete supplement to the vaginal health. Besides tightening the vagina, it also removes the infection and bacterial issues that increase the reduced sensitivity of vagina and removes the foul smell. It improves the functioning of the vagina and results in increased lubrication. The cream is too easy to use and is a purely herbal product. It is one of the best vigina tightening home remedies. The process is simple, just apply the cream to the vagina outer walls and leave it like this. The cream gets absorbed by the vaginal tissues in no time and repairs the issues of vagina naturally and soothingly.

What else can you do for Speedy Recovery?

If you are a bit enthusiastic to try good things while using Vagitot cream then you can opt for Kegel Exercises which are proven natural ways to tighten your vagina to tighten the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. Vagitot helps in removing the issues of vagina, tightens & tones the vagina, repairs the tissues and increases blood circulation, Kegel exercises help in toning and strengthening the vaginal muscles and tissues for better effectiveness. The mixed use of both the methods comes up with much better and healthier vagina appearance and feel.

For any doubt or query related to vagina issues or regarding Vagitot Cream, you can comment here or fill the feedback form.

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