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How to Get Erect and Stay Erect : Sex Hard, Stay Hard

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a complex situation in male sexual health in which a person faces problem in gaining full erection. This situation can happen to any man of any age even if he has a good muscular body. Every man experiences the erectile dysfunction problem at some point in his life but the real problem starts when the issue becomes repetitive.

Mostly this issue affects middle-aged or old-aged people but changed factors of modern life have also shown a tendency to surface this issue in young men as well. The growing trend of watching porn and exposure to nudity has significantly increased the frequency of this issue in bed.

People nowadays are much more worried about their sexual performance and are much more conscious about general sexual practices. But it has also brought in some unwanted elements as well like performance anxiety, doubt on self-manliness ability, desire to become more like a legend pornstar and expecting a more beautiful wife/girlfriend as shown in media. Psychological and physical aspects like these unknowingly bring negative impact on the sexual urge and ability of man and woman.

Today in this blog, we have tried to encounter such erectile dysfunction aspects which unknowingly and unnecessarily reduce your sex urge and create this issue. Also, we will bring forth those natural methods and life practices, using which you can come out of the sexual issue of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms – Know the Signs, Know the Problem

 These are the signs that reflect your proximity to the issue;

➢ If you face trouble in gaining an erection
➢ If you face trouble in keeping an erection
➢ If you feel reduced sexual urge (desire)
➢ If you can gain erection during masturbation but fails repeatedly to gain erection with partner (more than 50 % of total attempts)
➢ If you gain erection but remains too soft to penetrat
➢ If the erection is good but you lose erection during intercourse
➢ If you don’t gain erection easily and when you do, you fall into premature ejaculation
➢ If you try to avoid sexual contact with your partner in fear of erection problems
➢ If you try to maintain a gap between two sexual sessions to achieve quick arousal and erection

If one or more of the above-mentioned issues cloud your sexual life then you need to take some responsible steps to prevent the issue.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction –

Whether you should worry about Erectile Dysfunction treatment or not, depends upon the type of erectile dysfunction.

1. Hormone-induced Erectile Dysfunction :–

Hormonal issues such as reduced testosterone levels, increased prolactin, thyroid issues, steroid effect (used by bodybuilders) or other types of hormonal dysfunctions that cause erectile dysfunction.

2. Congenital Erectile Dysfunction :–

This is the erectile dysfunction that comes with birth, either in the form of weakness in veins, low blood flow to the penis, weak blood holding power, weak sexual arousal, and other similar issues related to erection.

3. Drug-Induced Erectile Dysfunction :–

Some long term medical treatments, or use of anti-stress capsules, or other medical treatments, can cause a reduction in sexual arousal and issues in erection.

4. Acquired Erectile Dysfunction :–

This is the type of ed which was not there at the start but due to life factors or other factors, one starts experiencing the issue. It can be of two types; ie – Temporary ED and Long term ED. Temporary ed gets better after some time while long term ed needs medical assistance. If you are facing the repeated ed issue for more than 2 weeks continuously then you might be in long-term ED category.

5. Neurological Erectile Dysfunction :–

This is the type of erectile dysfunction that is caused due to nerve problems such as diabetes, alcoholism, metal poisoning, spinal cord injuries, nerve shocks, and damage events, pelvic surgery resulted in nerve issues, etc. come in this situation.

6. Medical Conditions Induced Erectile Dysfunction :–

Diseases such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, obese, etc. affect the male sexual health negatively and reduces the quality of erections and stability in bed. The proper treatment of these issues is necessary with right erectile dysfunction treatment.

7. Physical Erectile Dysfunction :–

Physical erectile dysfunction is the reason for more than 60% of erectile dysfunction cases. Issues such as weakness in penis veins, the inability of penis cells to hold blood, low blood flow to the penis, low testosterone levels, penis shrinkage, etc. can bring your sexual life to the ground. A good natural treatment and good care of your sexual & general health can treat this issue most of the times.

8. Psychological Erectile Dysfunction :–

Various reports suggest that psychological aspects are as much responsible for causing erectile dysfunction as physical aspects. The reason for it is the direct relation of mind nerves to the nervous system and direct indulgence in sexual function. Any negative impact on emotional balance, or weak psychological system, or impact of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc. can result in sexual disappointment in bed.

How to Cure ED Fast ?

Erectile dysfunction can be cured using natural methods, if applied properly. We are saying it because of experience and expertise in crafting natural treatments for erectile dysfunction. In most cases of erectile dysfunction, the sufferer assumes worse scenarios than the actual. We have cured millions of sexual patients worldwide using research-based natural methods of treatment. Go through these erectile dysfunction home remedies to know the most soothing, safe and measurably effective methods to treat ed.

Natural Foods to Cure Erectile Dysfunction–

Natural cure are those which are helpful in supporting your hormonal balance, increasing blood circulation, generate body energy and sexual vigor, incite testosterone levels, and bring better sexual efficiency. The thing to understand here is, foods are not the stand-alone way to treat ed as elaborately described on most of the sites. Foods are just the supplements that contribute to other methods and help in better sexual power build up. However, in low profile cases of erectile dysfunction, foods alone can mend the required tweaks.

These are some of the notable natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction;

Banana, Watermelon, Mango, Onion, Garlic, Asparagus, Carrot, Ladyfinger, Dried Dates, Raisins and Figs, Saffron, Green Vegetables, Fenugreek, Eggs, Honey, Walnut, Milk

Remember this list and whenever you get the chance to eat them, eat them. Rather don’t wait for the opportunity to eat them, make a diet plan and include these foods on your list. Besides, avoid processed food & snacks and try to eat natural food as possible.

Exercises to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

If you want to actually treat your erectile dysfunction issue using natural methods then you will have to do these erectile dysfunction exercises. Make exercise an integral part of your daily life and you will surely see results soon enough. To target erectile dysfunction, we have divided the exercises into 5 different parts. You can opt for a combination of these exercises or can just go for each part day by day.

❖ Strength Exercises :-

It includes all those exercises that are done in the gym. If you are not more of a gym guy then you can grab a pair of 5-7 kilos dumbbells (available online and offline) and can do these exercises at home. Target one body part every day like;

1. Chest exercises on Day 1
2. Arms exercises on Day 2
3. Stomach exercises on Day 3
4. Legs exercises on Day 4
5. Back exercises on Day 5

There are lots of Gym exercises available so we haven`t limited you by mentioning some names. You can opt for those sets you feel relevant to you.

❖ Kegel Exercises :-

Kegel exercises are a beautiful way not only to cure erectile dysfunction but also to increase timing and sexual stamina. Kegel exercises are done using PC muscle and if you do it in the right way then there would be no looking back. These exercises strengthen your penis muscles and increase sexual stability.

❖ Pelvic Floor Exercises :–

Pelvic floor exercises are a great way to boost and strengthen your penile muscle area. These exercises target various aspects of penis muscles. Pelvic muscle exercises not only boost the blood circulation to the penis but also increases the control and capacity of penis muscles. These exercises, supported by Kegel Exercises, can bring a plenty of changes in your sexual responses and performance in sexual activities.

❖ Yoga –

Yoga does not need any introduction in the present scenario. It is a widely accepted way to live a healthy and stress-free life. Yoga has granted a new method to treat the physical and psychological issues of humans. It works as per the Ayurvedic method of treatment and establishes the whole body as interrelated bio-machinery where one factor decides the performance of another. These Yoga poses are extremely helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction using Yoga;

• Naukasana
• Dhanurasana
• Uttanpadasana
• Paschimottasana
• Kumbhakasana
• Ardh Ushtrasana
• Pranayam

❖ Aerobic Exercises :–

Include Aerobic exercises in your weekly physical activities. Swimming, Running, Jogging, Stair climbing, Cycling, Salsa dancing, etc. come in this category.

Natural Supplement to Treat Erectile Dysfunction:-

If you want to invest your time and money in full-proof, researched and tested method, then Hard Rock capsule comes as the handy alternative for you. This is the natural supplement to treat erectile dysfunction in a strategic and safe way. Hard Rock capsule is the result of years of research, experience and smart natural formulation. It works in almost every type of erectile dysfunction issues except those which are caused by some severe injury or surgery. The medicine is a safe and soothing supplement but is very powerful and deep working treatment that cures the issue by removing the problems one by one.

Hard Rock capsule treats impotency in males by balancing the testosterone levels, soaking out the weakness from veins, increasing blood flow to the penis and by maintaining proper levels of vigor in the penis. Try this supplement to cure your erectile dysfunction issue in just 2 months and live a healthy sexual life for a long time. No fake promises, no fake results. Hard Rock is in the top 5 erectile dysfunction treatments due to its highly positive, ground-level results.

Things to take care while opting for natural erectile dysfunction method:-

Let us correct your understanding of the natural treatments. Unlike artificial chemicals and quick result methods, natural treatment requires care, patience, efforts and natural balance of the body. And for this reason, the benefits of natural treatments stay for a longer time. Whether you opt for foods and exercises to cure erectile dysfunction or go for hard Rock natural ed supplement, you will have to become responsible for your life habits;

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible.
  2. During the treatment, minimize the frequency of ejaculation or sexual encounter to bring a balance of testosterone. Soon your body will become habitual to this.
  3. Avoid snacks, fast foods and processed food.
  4. Stay positive and live an engaging lifestyle. Don’t stay idle. Indulge in creative things if you have time.
  5. Don’t take the stress of daily work personally. When you are off the work, live for yourself.
  6. Be active in your daily life.
  7. Drink a good amount of water daily.
  8. Avoid pornography and masturbation completely. These two are one of the main culprits of erectile dysfunction.
  9. Don’t think of sexual interactions every time. Leave it for the time of sexual encounter with your partner.
  10. Wear comfortable and good sized underwear and pants. Give proper space to your penis but not too loose that your testicles hang in it.
  11. Talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies, feel free and comfortable with her and share emotional space together.
  12. To get free counsel regarding any doubt or any issue, you can contact us anytime through any touch point; ie: Call, WhatsApp, Mail, or Feedback Form. Mention that you read about the issue here.

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