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Male Infertility : Most Asked Questions On Google Answered

Becoming parents is one of the best life memories for a couple. The first time experience brings the mixed emotions of fear and excitements. They care too much, think too much, live high on sentiments & expectations. Every precaution is taken by them to have a perfect conception. The complications start when after conscious caring of every atom-sized detail, the conception does not take place. It shakes the very ground of future possibilities. Take a note that male infertility is in equal proportion to cases of female infertility. In this blog, we have provided the answers to some of the most asked questions on Google about male infertility.

1. How to Conceive a Woman?

To conceive your wife, you should have the proper knowledge of following aspects;

Woman Ovulation time It is the most important part if you are hoping to conceive. If you fail to know the right time of ovulation, you might fail in your conceiving efforts even if both are healthy. In the ovulation time, the eggs become mature and become ready to leave the ovary. It is the best time to fertile an egg.

Ovulation period Ovulation period is the time duration during which conception can be done. It is the best time to indulge in conceiving efforts as fertility in woman is at highest during this day.

Right intercourse position Yes, position does matter in conceiving. The right intercourse position helps in penetrating deep and leaving the sperms near to cervix area for better chances. A right position also benefits women with a tipped uterus.

Proper semen insertion The right amount of semen should reach into the vagina to avoid failures. Preserving semen one or two days before the conceiving day is helpful. Don’t indulge in too much sex from a month before and also don’t completely avoid sex. The balance is the key.

Healthy Sperm As here we are talking about fertility issues from a man’s perspective so it is must to highlight the most important aspect. Sperm health is of utmost importance to conceive your partner. Only the healthy sperms can fertile a woman.

2. What is Ovulation and when does Ovulation Occur?

Ovulation is the process of maturation of egg and its release. The egg matures in the ovary and then moves through fallopian tubes. This whole process winds up in 4-5 days. These 4-5 days time is the perfect chance for a man to leave his sperms in the vagina for maximum possibility of conception.

The ovulation generally happens 8-10 days after the periods or 12-16 days before next period. If your woman is in the regular menstrual cycle, it would be easier for her to figure out the right date of ovulation. On the day of ovulation, she would notice wetter, more slippery, and clearer mucus in her cervical mucus.

3. Do you have to be Ovulating in order to Get Pregnant?

Yes. Ovulation is the only best time to conceive. It is the time when eggs become mature and start their way through Fallopian tubes and so are the best chances for sperms to meet the egg.

4. Can you Get Pregnant on the Day of Ovulation?

Yes, you can. The ovulation day is the most fertile day to conceive the woman. Sperms can stay active in the vagina for 4-5 days while eggs remain active for 12-24 hours maximum. So, have sex during the time of ovulation to increase the chance of healthy conception.

5. Can you Get Pregnant After Ovulation?

Yes, you can get pregnant after ovulation but the chances are rather less in comparison to before ovulation. Besides, you have a maximum of 12-24 hours time.

6. How long do you Keep Sperm Inside to Get Pregnant?

After the intercourse, the woman should lie down on her back for 10-15 minutes for better conception chances. If possible, put a pillow under the hips and lie comfortably but don’t take unnecessary stress about it. Sperms are good to go and it is not mandatory. It just gives easy time to sperms to move to the ovary.

7. When should I Intercourse to Get Pregnant?

As already mentioned above (read above questions for full details), one should do intercourse during the time of ovulation period for successful conception.

8. What is Good Sperm Count Number?

A good sperm count ranges between 20 million per ml and can go above 200 million per ml. If the sperm count is below 15 million per ml, it is considered poor sperm count cases. However, chances for conception still remain if the sperm motility and morphology are good.

9. How to Get Pregnant with Right Intercourse Positions?

The right intercourse position surely plays a role in the conceiving efforts. Some positions help in better penetration and enable the man to leave the sperms near the cervix area. Whether you are doing intercourse in the sitting position, lying or standing, all have different impacts. The lying position from behind and missionary are the most successful positions.

10. Things to Remember when Trying to Conceive?

These are the main things that impact the conception process;
• The ovulation period
• The sperm`s health – count, motility and morphology
• Both partner’s sexual and psychological health
• Sex position
• Semen ejaculation

11. How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy?

Keep in mind the necessary aspects mentioned in Question No. 10. The ovulation period stays for 4-5 days in which one day is known as a peak day. So, have sex during these days. If you fail to identify the right ovulation time, you will have to wait till next month.

12. What are the Male Fertility Issues Sperm Count?

If the sperm count in males is below the standard count, it poses the problem of male infertility issue. Other sperm related fertility issues are;

• Weak sperm motility
• Defected Sperm morphology
• Unhealthy sperm
• Twin tale sperm
• Weak sperm unable to fertile

13. How can I Increase the Chances of my wife of Getting Pregnant Naturally?

Trying to conceive tips

a) Don’t sex to have sex on that day. The sex is a bio-neural process in which all the elements of body replicate responses. When you give proper time in foreplay and other sexual activities, when your psychology is happy and confident, and you are looking forward positively for a cute baby, it gives a good approach to hormones and sperms. It increases the chances of conception naturally.

b) Don’t leave sexual activity a month before. It does not help in good sperm or semen production. Rather it could affect negatively due to interrupted flow of testosterone production-ejaculation process.

c) Don’t have too much sex as well. Preserve the semen one or two day before the main event. The gist of points “b” & “c” is, don’t stress the conception event too much. Live the easy and normal life.

d) The best natural conception can be done when you are mentally and physically feeling the love and desire. If the peak feeling of sex comes a day or two days before the ovulation period, do it that day. The sperms can stay active in the vagina for 4-5 days so the work will still be done. The reason of doing the conceiving event on the prime day is the body psychology. When you are high on energy, your sperms also behave the same way.

14. Is it OK to Urinate after Intercourse when Trying to Conceive?

Yes, there is no problem in doing that. The sperm are just 1% of the total semen amount and till the time you are done and have taken a deep breath with satisfaction that 1% reaches to where it should. You can go to pee if you are feeling like, or just lay down on back for 5-10 minutes more and enjoy cuddling.

15. How can I Make My Sperm Stronger?

➢ Leave alcohol and smoking

➢  Reduce weight if you are overweight.

➢ Stay out of radiation area, (like living near mobile towers) or in normal scenarios, keep your penis area at a little distant from your phone.

➢ Eat nutritional and fresh food including vegetables and fruits.

➢ Have a healthy and active lifestyle. Go for some exercise and jogging.

➢ Establish positive and lively attitude within you. It does not mean you have to be outspoken. A light of strength and goodness should glow in your heart. Believe us it surely brings big changes in your body as well.

➢ If you indulge in excess sex or daily sex activities, just create some tiny gaps in between. It gives time to testicles to produce healthy sperms.

➢ If you have diabetes symptoms, get the good treatment for it.

➢ Get a good natural supplement like Babytone Capsule to boost your sperms ability.

16. What are the Signs of Low Sperm Count in a Man?

The low sperm count in men is assumed if the sperm count per ml of semen is less than 15 million. However, it necessarily does not mean an issue in the conceiving ability (there are cases where pregnancy happen). The presence of low sperm issue in man generally does not show any solid physical signs except a few like;
➢ Sexual issues like weak sex drive, soft erections and low semen amount
➢ Swelling, pain or lump in the testicles area
➢ Reduced facial, head or body hair (chromosomal abnormality)

But these are not the exact symptoms rather just some signs. Get proper diagnosis to know the exact scenario.

17. What is the Most Fertile Age for a Man? (What age is a Man more Sexually Active?)

25-30 years. The fertility quality in man starts to decline from 40 years onwards. After 45 years of age, (if you have not maintained a good healthy routine in your life), you would probably start remembering your old days as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation would take its surge. Alcohol consumption, smoking and overweight are the enemies of your sexual health.
Also note that when a man grows older, his partner also grows older. In females, fertility ability is good till 30-31 and after that it starts declining sharply and 75% ability evaporates after the age of 35. It means chances of miscarriage, unhealthy child increases after this point.

18. What Age is it Hard to Get Pregnant?

For Man – 40 year and older
For Woman – 35 years and older

19. What are the Main Methods of Infertility Treatment?

For infertility treatment in man, there are two main methods as per the case.
1. Surgery – When there is a problem in the transmission of sperms
2. Medication – When there are hormonal and sexual issues

In addition to this, ART (Assistive Reproductive Technology) is used at places where both of above mentioned methods don’t work.

20. What can Cause Low Sperm Count in a Man?

These are the main issues that can affect the quality and count of sperms in men;

• Bacterial Infection
• Ejaculation issues
• Varicocele
• Tumours
• Antibodies malfunctioning
• Hormonal issues
• Un-descended testicles
• Chromosome defect
• Issues in tubes
• Celiac disorder
• Medicines that harm sperms
• Previous surgeries impact
• Radiation and X-Rays
• Heavy Metal exposure
• Industrial chemical elements
• Unnecessarily hot temperature

21. Can You Get Pregnant if a Man has Low Sperm Count?

Yes, conceiving is possible in some cases of less sperm count where the motility and morphology of sperms is good. A good natural supplement and right approach to conceive can help in this situation.

22. What Medicine can a Man Take to Increase Sperm Count?

There are tones of articles on foods and other tricks to treat infertility but the problem so complex as infertility can’t be treated so easily. A proper medical supplement is required to deal with the abnormalities of sperms and to increase the chances of conception.


Babytone capsule, the natural sperm treatment, is a boon for sufferers of infertility. The medicine is pure and safe natural supplement, known for immense capability to boost sperms quality and motility. The medicine also balances the hormonal irregularities and resolves sexual issues like ED and low sex vigor. Usually, people get the desired results in 3-4 months time, depending upon the individual capability and case complexity.

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