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19 Woman’s Secrets That She keeps From Her Man

Woman’s secrets (general/ sexual) are something that every man wants to know. But let me ask you a question. When was the last time when you tried to understand a woman? The most men would answer, “No one can understand a woman and so instead of wasting time in this, I think about how I can get her favor”. It may sound cool and easy but it is not the right approach to reach her heart or for a long-term, stable & warmer relationship. When the two lives in the same house, things become harder and harder as life progresses.

After a certain time, at the fall of a dust particle, your senses start alerting you to watch her acts behind your back. Instead of understanding her priorities and personal space, you start to dictate terms and try to control her which is the most derogatory thing you could do to a woman. And the rest of your life, either you end up fighting each other or the relationship ends. You might think that this woman is crazy but she is not. It is you who is keeping a limited insight of a woman’s behavior and existence. After all, she is not made just to support you or to satisfy your physical needs, your part is due in the same way.

So today, we are revealing secrets that a woman often keeps from her husband/ boyfriend in good spirit and expects her best man to understand it.We hope these points will bring clarity to your mind as well help you create a better bond with your better-half.

Secret 1 – She will buy things but won’t tell you the real cost:-

It is true. Most women don’t like the idea to tell her hubby what they bought for what cost. And if you ask constantly, she might find it an attack on her personal freedom. On one hand, you tell her she is your queen and then you keep complaining about how much she spends, creates a conflict in your own views. We know what you are thinking. So far the financial situations are concerned a woman is more efficient than the man in keeping a balance between the expenses and earnings.

Let her buy and appreciate her choice with love. It is what she secretly expects from you.

Secret 2 – She might keep her private bank account and credit card:-

Many women do it and won’t admit it. It is a legacy for generations. She secretly keeps a reserve for her to buy things or for the time of need. If she is independent, she might have a credit card or bank account you don’t know, or if she is dependent, she might keep some amount as her personal savings. And most of the times, men don’t know it. But that should not be an issue for a real man. Knowing that she wants her own identity is an appreciative thing. Be open-minded. She secretly wants to see this in you and maybe when time comes, she will tell you.

Secret 3 – She thinks of sex as often as you do:-

Men wonder about a statement, “The women possess 10x more desire for sex than man”, because they make the comparison of this statement with their sexual behaviors. Men are quite straight-forward in their sexual expressions, unlike women. But it does not mean women think of sex only during sex. Most women think of sex equal to or more than man. It is just they are too good at controlling their desires and know how to reveal it with charisma when the time comes. So while you might think she is not interested in sex much, you are just dreaming it wrong. She also likes various versions of sex but she secretly wants you to figure out her fantasies.

Secret 4 – She likes it gentle but not during the heat:-

As tender as her body is, her softer emotions add to her charm. She likes to feel love nice and soft. A man who knows how to care for the things with delicacy sparks her emotions. But this statement does not always hold true. When the things heat up in bed, she likes to see you excited for her. She would allow you to go a little rough but not too rough. And this variation play gives pleasure to her when she is high in desires. In those moments, she won’t say it but wants you to show your manliness a bit more.

Bonus point:

When she says harder, it does not mean faster as most men understand it and waste their energy in speed. She won’t say it again if you don’t get it right. It means she needs more intense and deep strokes, not a quick machine.

Secret 5 – She wants you to finish her off:-

This case goes for men who are self-oriented in their sexual desires. When you are masturbating, you have to satisfy yourself, a habit that most guys take with them to bed as well. But it is where you start it all wrong. Sex is a mutual endeavor where your priorities come after your partner’s. And if you don’t understand this point, goes for ejaculation and lay aside leaving her unfinished then she would regret sharing bed with you. Don’t be that guy.

Even if you are a short-timer and finishes before her, just take a moment or two for your orgasm then give her a finger or mouth job till she feels done. It is what she will never say to you but secretly expects you to take care of.

By the way, if you are a short-timer (premature ejaculator), you can try this herbal timing booster supplement for 20-30 minutes stamina.

Secret 6 – She always desire cuddle:-

Whether she has made a new dish which is not so good, or has tried a new dress/ got a new hairstyle or has put an effort to grab your attention, a warm appreciation becomes due on your part. And we believe most men know it as well. But what most men skip is the part after sex. Just after sex, the chemical releases in a man’s brain which either makes him asleep or brings some distraction from sex.

So man usually sleeps or just goes off the bed. But this is like a disaster for a woman as the chemical secretion in her brain after sex increases her emotional and trust level. If a man, instead of caressing her, leaves her in bed on her own, she feels vulnerable and insulted.

So Guys, don’t forget to give her post-sex caressing or if you want to rest then take her in your arm and sleep. She will secretly appreciate your move and would love & trust you more.

Secret 7 – She does not like to speak out the most desired things:-

When a woman says I like smart guys, she often means a person who is good in understanding the art of human relations and not the studious, oiled-hair guy. Because a woman believes in expressing her intentions using signs rather than saying it straight. In bed, she will give you many open signals to read her desires, but will never say a word for that. There is a saying, “When a woman says she wants something is the time when she does not want it anymore”.

So instead of asking her to speak, learn from her acts. It is what she secretly means by the word Smart.

Secret 8 – She needs mental preparation for sex:-

This becomes the reason for conflictions between many couples. The man can become ready for sex in the blink of an eye but woman takes her time. Before preparing her body, she has to prepare her mind. And most men, after spending some time in a relationship, forget the romance and flirt part. A good romance is the best booster for a woman. She likes it and always appreciates it. So when you suddenly ask for sex without even giving her a hint any time in the day, she might refuse it. It depends on her mood then. Now, it’s upon you whether you fight with her or understands her psychology. But she secretly wants you not to change ever when the romance part comes.

Secret 9 – She does not like distractions:-

Whether you are talking to her, or having food with her, having a drink with her or having sex with her, a woman always like direct eye-contact. It seems good to sit beside while having a drink but looking into eyes while you are in a conversation with her, increases trust and strengthens the bond of relationship. Try it and feel the difference. Particularly, during sex time, don’t use any distractions like TV, mobile or other things as it distracts a man less but more to a woman. She won’t be able to take pleasure in sex, forget orgasm. What she secretly wants is your whole attention and direct eye-contact.

Secret 10 – She may fake an Orgasm:-

If you are a hot-head, or thick-head, or amateur who thinks that the sex should end with an orgasm and does all the efforts just for this point, then she might make your whole efforts a lot easier by faking an orgasm and make you feel like a winner. But remember, it would disappoint her more than you could imagine. But it is not always the case. Some women also fake orgasm just to please their partners. But for this case, your efforts should be to love her deeply and not just to make her orgasm. These are the two points when she secretly fakes an orgasm without letting you know about it.

Secret 11 – She will secretly use stuff for sexual beauty:-

If the cosmetics companies are running, all the credit goes to women. Men never dream of looking beautiful by face. But a woman does everything that she could, to look beautiful and appealing to her partner. Be it facial beauty or sexual beauty. A woman is never satisfied with her looks and appearance. Women won’t tell her partner if she opts for a treatment to enhance her cleavage curves, to get slimmer or for some private part issue. She does not want you to know it but she secretly wishes to gain your appreciation for the results.

By the way, Big B XL is an awesome herbal supplement to deepen the curves, tone the shape and increase the bust size naturally and safely.

Secret 12 – She likes to be appreciated even for her mistakes:-

You probably know it, right? Whether it is her mistake or yours, in the end, it is only your mistake. This is the simple rule. Most men don’t settle on this point though and keep a grudge in heart. But you don’t have to do this. Most women, after a certain time, come to realize their mistakes. Even if she does not say sorry, she would express it in her actions. So, have patience man. After all, you are the only one she looks up to with expectations. She secretly knows in her heart that it is her mistake but wants you to understand her heart and let the thing go. Not a big thing in return for what she does for you. It’s her pride and no man should ever touch this part.

Secret 13 – She wants your support not your advice/ suggestions:-

If you are not that much involved in woman’s conversations then you probably don’t know it. Woman may complain you about something that you have no relation with, or may just speak her confusion but that does not mean she needs your advice. Men are good at fixing things due to their solution-oriented mind process but in this case, just hold your horses a bit. It will make you more empathetic and mature. Your woman always expects this from you secretly. She will take care of her problems, you just be by her side.

Secret 14 – She will give signs for relationship issues:-

If she is behaving irregular, giving arrogant remarks, avoiding intimate encounters or simply ignoring eye-contact, it means there is something she is not happy about. The sooner you realize it, the better. Or it will become harder and darker in her heart and she will start keeping things out from you. She secretly always wants you to know the meaning of her actions/ expressions and act accordingly.

Secret 15 – She may hide her Health concerns:-

If it is a private health issue, she would probably not tell it to you directly. The most common issues that a woman may experience in her sexual health are low libido/ low sex drive and vaginal infection issues. Initially, a woman tells these issues to her female best friend or mother and tries to get the treatment accordingly. If that does not resolve the problem, she might tell you afterward. So don’t get angry why she hid the issue for so long.

Women are complicated being. They try to sort things out on their own and don’t want you to take the things the wrong way. So, your empathy towards her sexual issues always plays magic on her secret expectations and she would surely tell you everything the next time.

By the way, Fezinil Capsule is the cool herbal supplement to remove the hurdles of sexual issues in females. It safely increases the natural sexual urge, improves lubrication and heals for better health.

Secret 16 – She personally cherishes her successes:-

Sometimes, she just wants to celebrate something with her friends. If she is not telling you about the subject then don’t press her hard to tell you. As in this way, she may tell you but the things will end in disappointment. If she is planning to celebrate something without you, give her space to do so and add some goodies if you can. It will fill her heart with love and respect for you. Maybe she would tell you everything about it later. Otherwise, you will obviously come to know everything with time. But learn to respect her secrets first.

Secret 17 – She does not like your all-perfect swag:-

Those super-chocolaty and smarty cool dudes in the movies are not the reality of anything. Women understand it well although their fantasies are always inclined to more charming guys. Still, when you are with her, it means you are better than others for her. So behave that way. Don’t spoil her decision by trying to be all-perfect and ending up insulting her priorities. Rather, women love men who are not perfect who are not trying to be, who accept their flaws and try to correct them. It makes him more reliable and realistic to her. Now you know this secret of her so next time act accordingly.

Secret 18 – She sometimes behave rudely for no reason:-

sazIf you accept that women are weird and very unpredictable in their psychology then you are right. It is what makes her what she is, desirable and lovable. Sometimes, a woman may get mad at you without any reason or just speak roughly. Let the moment pass instead of discussing the words at the moment. It will only save you from conflictions. This secret of a woman is sometimes not known to woman herself.

Secret 19 – She does not want your genital’s pictures:-

Oh yes, last but not the least, never try to become over-smart by sending her your genital images. If you think you have supreme assets, prove it in bed. If you think it will arouse her, prove it by your words/ behavior, if you think it will make her go crazy for you, prove it by winning her affection. But never try to do these things by genital pictures.

It could become one of the biggest turnoffs for a woman. She secretly likes to uncover things layer-by-layer in due time. Play it by her rules and get the best of it.

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