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Penis Enlargement -The Full Guide

Penis enlargement is the technique that is aimed to enhance the penis size. There are several methods of penis enlargement. Some methods focus on the girth, others on the total length, while some others focus on the size of the glans. Indian penis is a bit smaller than African and European countries but long enough in Asian countries. Penis enlargement is possible but requires the right approach and dedication. Below are the most actionable and result oriented ways to increase penis size.
1. Massage
2. Pills
3. Hormones
4. Stretching
5. Inflation
6. Injections
7. Implants
8. Incision
9. Surgery

Physical Techniques of Penis Enlargement

1. Jelqing –


Jelqing is the most common penis enlargement attempt made by most of the guys. It is the process in which the man strokes and squeezes the shaft of the penis from its base to corona. In simple words stretching the length and the girth of the penis. Jelqing is also called milking. Jelqing is almost similar to masturbation. If jelqing is done more frequently and harshly then it can even lead to scarring, ruptures, desensitization and disfigurement.

2. Pumping –

In this method a penis pump is used. It is a vacuum device for erection and often called vacuum constriction device (VCD). It is responsible for creating negative pressure which expands the penis and draw blood into it. There are some medically approved penis pumps that are effective in treating erectile dysfunction. VCD comes with an acrylic cylinder and a pump that is attached directly to the end of the penis. A constriction band or ring is put up on the cylinder on the other side or the other end that is applied on the body. The cylinder and the pump together create a vacuum that helps in maintain the erection.

3. Traction or penis extender –

penis extender

It is a non-medical and nonsurgical aid for penis enlargement. It is the method to lengthen the penis by using the device that pulls the penis’s glans. Whereas the penis extender is a device that can help you increase up to 0.5 inch your penis size. Penis extender is very comfortable device that can be worn for whole day long without any discomfort. It works on stretching method that creates a continuous traction in your corpora cavernosa. This traction breaks the existing tissues and cells and replaces them with new blood cells in the penis. Hashmi’s penis extender works greatly in increasing the length and girth of the penis. Not only this, due to improved blood flow in this area the muscles of the penis gets strengthen that helps in achieving better erection and increased sexual timing.

4. Weights stretching –

In this technique some weight is tied and hung to the penis for a longer period of time. It is believed that stretching the penis with weights would make it longer and larger. To be frank this technique is just to fool you and give you damage that can be permanent. Practicing this technique can cause the tearing up of tissues and bursting of blood vessels and many other serious damages to your penis.

5. Surgery –

Surgery in general is for the men whose penises cannot function properly because of some serious injury or any defect since birth. There are some surgeons that offer penis enlargement surgery but it is of no use can cause permanent defect. In this surgery the surgeons cut the ligaments that connect penis and pelvic bone. They move the skin from the abdomen to the shaft of the penis. This surgery creates an illusion of longer penis as the ligament that has been cut makes it look more hung. After the surgery the man has to continue using the stretching device for at least 6 months long to avoid the ligament from reattaching.

After the surgery an erect penis can also become unstable. In other way of attempting the surgery, the surgeon takes the fat from the fatty part of the body and injects it to the shaft of the penis. This procedure is done to enhance the shaft of the penis. However, this surgery is not generally successful as the fat injected to the penis might get absorbed by the body.

penis enlargement surgery

Some of these techniques are basically hoaxes while others can be somewhat effective but at the risk of major health complications. Some surgery methods promise some effectiveness and others have complications that can be very severe. Surgery can lead to scarring that can cause shrinkage of penis and even erectile dysfunction. There is a little study on noninvasive methods while the other methods lack the scientific evidence of whether they are effective or not. Scientific evidence supports the elongation by the method of prolonged traction.

Some products that claim penis enlargement actually improves the penis erection that is mistaken as penis enlargement by the customers. Because of higher amount of risk and complication involved many professional of medicine are not easily convinced of the process of penis enlargement and generally avoid it. However, micropenis is considered as a medical condition by the doctors and is generally treated by the surgery. This surgery just guarantees the improvement of urinary function or sexual function.

If you would ask the desire of any man his spontaneous response likely would be to increase their size and to dominate in bed. Generally, most men who are longing for penis enlargement usually have normal penis size or some might suffer from penile dysmorphophobia (the disorder in which a person is obsessed with one of his body part that it is immensely flawed). These people underestimate their penis size and overestimate what is stated as the average penis size.

Penis Enlargement Tips

Many factors can determine the size of the penis. Here are some tips that will help you increase your penis size naturally:-

NO Smoking

i. No smoking –

The small-small particles from smoking the cigarettes enters your body that are very harmful as they are responsible for blocking the arteries. Blocking of arteries means improper supply of blood to all the body parts, including penis. So, if you wish to increase your penis size then you must cut smoking as it is not only harmful for your penis but also for all over physical health.

ii. Say no to high calorie diet –

High calorie diet is a diet that mainly includes fatty foods and regular consumption of these calorie rich foods and lack of any physical workout leads to heart disease and smaller penis size. If you wish for a healthy heart or penis then you must give up on junk and calorie rich foods.

iii. Regular workout –

Regular exercise is not only necessary for building up muscles and proper weight but if you wish for healthy and long penis then you must do regular exercise as it helps to clear the arteries and increase the flow of the blood to the penis.

iv. Fruits and vegetables –

Fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant is a compound that helps in fighting the free radicals in the blood flowing in the arteries and also strengthens the arteries. So instead of those mouth watering calorie rich foods focus on the fruits and vegetables that will help you in improving your penis growth.

v. Stress –

Negative emotions like anxiety and stress draws the blood away from the penis which makes

it reduced in size. Stress also makes it difficult for the penis to get enlarged. Performance anxiety also leads to smaller penis size.

vi. Belly fat –

You need to lose belly fat if you wish to have a large and healthy penis. Large belly is responsible for reducing the appearance of the penis. Even a large penis would appear small if you’ve got a large belly.

vii. Yoga –

Meditate, relax and practice yoga if you want to have a good sexual life. When you are relaxed and mentally calm the circulation of blood in the body improves which in turn stimulates the growth of the penis.

viii. Shave regularly –

Shave your genitals regularly. Shaving not only gives a feeling of cleanliness but shaving in that area makes it appear larger. Shaving gives an illusion of larger penis as there are no hair present in its surroundings that earlier used to cover it up and make it appear small.

ix. Medical help –

If you want the fastest and the best result then you can consult a specialist and take the penis enlargement medicine. There are plenty of medicines that are available for penis enlargement and one of the famous and trusted name is Hashmi’ Sikander-E-Azam. This medicine is herbal and free from any kind of possible side effect as it is made from natural herbs that are naturally blessed to benefit in this regard. This medicine has helped many men and has gifted back their self confidence and self esteem that was somewhat lost. If you wish to increase your penis size naturally and significantly then you must give Sikander-E-Azam a try.Banner Sex Medicine


Penis Enlargement Foods

1. Salmon – Salmon contains omega – 3 DHA and EPA fatty acids. According to a study, fatty acids are responsible for thinning the blood which creates healthy flow of the blood. Proper circulation of the blood helps in proper growth of the penis.
2. Onion – Onions are responsible for good circulation of blood throughout the body from and through the heart. Onions contain sulfur that act as a blood thinning agent. Onion prevents the clotting of the blood. Hence onion is very helpful in maintaining proper flow of blood to all the parts of the body including penis.

3. Bananas – Bananas leads and comes on the first spot when you talk about the foods that help in penis enlargement. Bananas are immensely rich in potassium which is responsible for lowering the blood pressure and in turn helps in good flow of the blood in the body.

4. Low fat yogurt – Penis enlargement foods need to be immensely rich in lean proteins and low fat yogurt is naturally boosted with the lean proteins.

5. Dark chocolate – Dark chocolates contain phytochemical called flavonol which is found in a number of plant based beverages and foods. But it is a lesser known fact among the people that dark chocolate or other foods with flavonol is very useful for increasing the flow of blood to the penis. Moreover, dark chocolate tastes pretty good!

6. Lentils – Lentils are rich source of proteins and fiber and they are also boosted with arginine (1.3 grams of arginine per cup). A cup of lentils contains 63% requirement of daily dietary fiber and that is also helpful in enlargement of penis.

7. Water – Water is of course do not count as a food but any food is incomplete without food. Drinking appropriate amount of water is very essential as it makes your flaccid size appear thicker and comparatively longer. Moreover, it helps in appearing hung rather than swinging here and there.

8. Garlic – Just like onion, garlic contains high amount of allicin. Allicin is a compound that is helpful in increasing the flow of blood in the body. Garlic is also responsible for protecting the heart.

9. Figs – Figs are highly loaded with amino acids that boost the libido and sexual stamina.

Penis is like an asset to the men. It is very important to preserve and maintain this asset. If you wish to enlarge your asset (penis) then you need to take utmost care of your food and practice some exercise regularly. Finding the safe and best alternative for your goal is must. Above are some techniques mentioned and if you want to know more then you can carry out a detailed research, digging out the pros and cons so that you can choose the best.

If you still have any other query or doubt or complain or a thought, feel free to mention in the comment section below. We would love to hear from our readers and will provide the most accurate answer for your query.

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