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How to Make Love to a Woman???

Man loves to see his partner becoming aroused. It is one of the most pleasant sites for a man. A man is ready to do anything to seduce his woman and get her love. But this blog is written not to explain the desires of a man but to know how to make love to a woman considering female arousal, female libido, pleasures of sex and female orgasm.

Libido or Female Libido  –

Libido is a term used to indicate the urge for sex and sex drive. It is directly connected to body energy, psychological balance, sexual parts functionality, and balance of hormones. All these factors cumulatively decide the level of arousal in man and woman. When we talk about libido levels in female, this term is called female libido.

Female Arousal –

Female arousal is a critical part to create a happening sex time. A man makes efforts to spark sensations in the mind and body of his partner. Though intensity for sex is much higher in females, it does not mean they are ever ready for intercourse. Unlike man, the woman can`t separate sex and love. These two go hand in hand for females. And so to make your female partner aroused, you should first be true in your intentions and emotions. Then come the other factors like personal hygiene, attitude, preparations for the day and good atmosphere.

How to Arouse a Woman?

A woman`s body is as tender as her feelings. She needs caressing, lots of attention, love, humor, and a genuine personality. In present times, a woman is not as slow in revealing her feelings as she once was. Now, they judge quickly and take actions boldly. Females nowadays don’t believe in shaping a beautiful relation on the mere consent of male partner. They strongly respond to the male`s input to the relationship and so relationships have become much more fun with equally dominated expectations. This means that woman is not just an object of use anymore. She has her desires to fulfill and priorities to achieve.

To make love to a woman, a man should first know how to behave. It is the foremost requirement. Then comes the other more critical parts like personal hygiene, emotional level and views, empathy and understanding, ability to lift up the moment, skills to read her actions, and “listening to unsaid”.

To arouse a woman, attend her with love and care. Give her appreciations with the mix of sexual feelings. Give her space but pull her close. Talk to her while looking into her eyes and tell her how much you are fond of her and how much you want her. These steps work to prepare her mentally.

Go slow and touch her from public area to private. Woman loves to reveal things one by one, giving proper attention to detail and slow sensation. The small inputs spark her desires to continue further. Smoothly kiss her and bring her in rhythm by engaging her mind in your words and actions. Remember, emotional attachment is a critical factor in bringing her and your priorities in line. This is the simplest way to figure out how to turn on a girl.

How to make love to a woman?

As already explained above, if you do not rule her emotional world then there is no chance she would give you a way to her physical world. But when you learn to establish a bond with her emotional aspects, then the right time comes to become physical with her.
“This is where most guys make mistake. They try to become physical even before knowing her. It is not the right way to create a bond with a human being. Until you know her heart, you have no right to touch her body. When a man respects and understands this thing, he gains a wider view of woman`s world.”

Then relations take birth not only for physical interests but also for emotional and psychological interests which brings the sense of fulfillment for both the partners. Now if you are on the right track and want to bring more intimacy and warmth in your relationship then lovemaking after a romantic date is the best way to do so. Make sure your woman affirms your actions and intentions.
Don’t force upon her.
Don’t make haste.
The precious moments should linger and go one after another.

Maybe she wants you to kiss her or just caress on her neck, it depends on her actions.
To read your woman`s desires, you have to be calm and observant.

If you kiss her then make sure it sparks her desires. How can you do this? By putting your desires on the front with a little play on “starting kiss etiquettes”. Grab her in your arms cozily and while you kiss, make her completely yours by showing unstoppable love and passion.
Neck area, ear lobes, and eyes are other points besides lips that can make our smooching engaging and complete.
Until this moment if you are going right, she would start co-operating. You can identify it by looking into her eyes.
(She will be making continuous eye contact and you would feel like she wants to say something but she wouldn’t. It means that you can go to more sensitive places of her body like breasts, underarms, and below.)
This is how to make love to a woman in a gradual manner.

How to do Sex ?

Her priorities should be your priorities. Love should be in the air, in your words, in your actions, and in your lovemaking. Every man has a different approach to sex but the ultimate objective is to seduce your partner with your actions. You have read it above and the next part is to indulge in extreme feelings. After a certain point, both partners lose in the heat but being a man, you should still have control over how you take it forward.

While going rough or smooth is solely on the choice of partners, focusing on oral before intercourse gives extreme pleasure to the female partner. She appreciates your patience and playfulness. This clause may have exceptions as some women directly want to go for intercourse. But if you are a short-timer in bed, like for 4-5 minutes duration then you should go for oral with her. It brings her intensity of orgasm (peak) closer and you have better chances to make her cum before you ejaculate. A woman can go for multiple orgasms but the man has a different story. Changing positions is a great way to extend the timing while increasing the fun.

Female Viagra :-

Everyone knows what Viagra is. It is an aphrodisiac used to temporarily boost sex time, stamina and erection quality. Female Viagra is specially formulated pills to increase sex urge in females. But these kinds of medicines are not good in the long term as it triggers sudden blood flow and hormones production which pushes the body to perform under chemical influence. It brings after-effects in the form of more indifferent behavior for sex. And slowly makes it a necessity to consume medicine to have sex.

This is a very damaging state for a woman as it affects her complete hormonal-physical balance and disrupts her emotional state. If you are facing the constant issue of low sex urge then you should go for natural and safer treatment to naturally increase the sex desire. Fezinil Capsule is a very strong option for it. It is generally known as herbal Viagra for woman.

What Causes a Woman not to be Sexually Active?

Physical – lack of sleep, reduced blood flow, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, vaginal dryness, cystitis, vaginitis, hypothyroidism or other general health physical issues

Hormonal reasons – Problems in menstrual cycle, Menopause, Birth control pills, Emotional-triggered hormonal imbalance, Breastfeeding, and Thyroid problems

Psychological and Social – Psychological and social issues are one of the major reasons for sexual neutrality in females. Conflictions like stress, loyalty issue, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, social structure, exposure to adverse conditions, etc.

Sexual issues – Issues like sexual dissatisfaction, lack of enjoyment in sex, personal hygiene issue, man`s sexual health reasons like premature ejaculation/erectile dysfunction, lack of emotional touch in sex, and other similar reasons.

Medical reasons – Use of various medicines reduce the sex urge in woman. Medicines like anti-depressants, pain-killer, anti-contraceptive pills, etc., come under this roof.

Increase Female Libido Naturally with these 7 Powerful Herbs :-

These 7 powerful herbs are very helpful in increasing the sex desire in females naturally. The main USP of these herbs is safety and natural improvement in female libido. We have selected 7 most beneficial herbs for you in this regard.

1. Ashwagandha Root –

The ashwagandha root is used since ancient times to generate sexual energy in man and woman. It is a strong immunity booster and libido enhancer. Because it increases the blood flow to female sexual parts, the arousal and sensation of sex come faster and stronger.

2. Ginseng –

Ginseng or more particularly Asian ginseng, is an herb used to increase libido. This herb is used in various big sexual medicines as one of primary ingredient. This herb contains an element called ginsenosides that helps in better secretion of the adrenal corticotropic hormone. This hormone reduces the stress and lifts the mood, improves blood flow to private parts, which prepares the mind & body for sexual pleasures.

3. Dong Quai –

Dong quai increases the level of estrogen in body and to have better sexual experience, this hormone has an important role to play. It is a good herb to increase blood flow to sexual organs to initiate rejuvenation and better sensation.

4. Rhodiala Rosea –

This herb is extremely helpful in increasing the intensity of arousal, sex drive and orgasm. The herb mainly grows in Arctic region. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes and vaginal dryness in women going through menopause.

5. Muira Puama –

Often known as “potency wood”, this herb is one of the most result oriented herbs to increase female libido, sexual desire, sexual pleasure and intensity of orgasms. The herb works on pre and post menopause cases alike.

6. Maca Root –

Maca root has been primarily used by women who used to live in the Andes for hundreds of years. It has high zinc elements that directly trigger sexual desires in women. It not only prepares for sexual pleasure but kindles the fire to inspire for sexual activity.

7. Ginkgo Biloba Extract –

The extracts of this herb increases blood flow and effects nitric oxide levels in the body which relaxes the muscle tissue. It is one of the main activating processes in a woman and increases sexual response many folds. The benefits of this herb have also been confirmed in various medical studies.

Natural Way to Increase Female Libido :-

One of the most natural, safe and result oriented methods to increase female libido is Fezinil Capsule. The medicine is an herbal supplement for increasing sexual desire in females naturally. The mix of precious and pure herbs in the most balanced and researched amount has made this medicine an outstanding supplement to spark the natural sex urge in females.
If you are a woman looking for a way to bring back the sexual drive in you or a woman who wants to experience the intensity of orgasm with her partner or those women who want to increase sex fun amateur.

can rely on this natural treatment with closed eyes. You only take the medicine and gain benefits as we have already taken care of research, testing and safety parameters.

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