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How To Reduce Breast Size -14 Natural Ways Revealed

Breasts carve the ultimate beauty of woman. It designs her identity and gives her the magnificent appearance. Breasts are always been a subject of great fantasy for man. It is like an natural ornament on woman`s body that enhances her charm and beauty. Every woman desires for a perfect figure and perfect shape. And for this reason there are many treatment options are available in the market to reduce breast size and to increase breast size.

Breasts play an important role in complimenting her physical appearance and also boost her psychology and confidence in herself. A good breast size is also an indication of good body development of woman. It tells about healthy hormone secretion and healthy body functionality as the shape and beauty of breasts is directly connected to one`s health and psychology. Besides, hormones and genetics also play an important role in this.

But as you know, nature does not grant every one the equal fortune. Every person`s body is different and as per Ayurveda, every person has got a different set of natural forces in him/her which decides his/her body and behavioral appearance. Thus medicines are made. Because no matter what a person gets from his/her parents or from nature, he/she has the complete right to make it better for himself/herself.

Every woman has the right to look beautiful, to become beautiful, to feel beautiful. Every woman has the complete right to do whatever is necessary to make things better and more comfortable for her. And that is why breast reduction has equal importance for a woman as breast enhancement.

Why Big Breast Reduction is Important for Woman?

To reduce breast size is an unavoidable necessity because it directly affects one`s physical appearance and daily life. Before you come to know how to reduce breast size, it is important to figure out what issues the extra big size is causing to you. If you think that you are facing these issues, then you should probably consider opting for a natural medium to reduce breast size.

Do you feel embarrassed wearing body fit clothes?
Do you always select and wear those clothes which cover your size and hide your big breasts
Do you experience back and neck pain, posture problems, and skin irritation in the lower side of breasts?
Do you find tight painful indentations on your shoulder due to bra strips every day?
If you look yourself in the mirror, you attention obviously goes to unnecessary big size and you feel that it should  had been a bit small?
You feel limitations and do not take part in sports activities or other body activities like running, jumping and      climbing stairs quickly?
You feel embarrassed or shy or have to avoid the attention during social appearances?
You wear extra tight bra to suppress the size a bit?

If you face such issues, then it is because you have an unnecessary big breast which instead of becoming your beauty ornament, cause pain and pose limitations. Just because of the big breast size, you should not hold yourself back. Instead, you can try those methods which can work to reduce breast size naturally and safely.

Benefits of Reducing Breast Size :-


A woman already knows about the primary benefits of reducing breast size but there are some other points as well which I want to bring in your attention.

1. Better body posture and less back and neck pain issue – It is the foremost benefit of reducing breasts size. Reduction in breast size results in balancing the center of gravity and also comforts the body structure and muscles to bear less weight. Also, it helps the body for a better posture while sitting, walking and sleeping.

2. Improves lung and breathing efficiency – A woman with big breasts tend to wear extra tight clothes to cover up the big size. It prevents her chest and lungs to expand in natural manner while breathing. It only affects her lung capacity. Besides, it also creates issues in breathing during sleep.

3. Less headaches – You might not pay attention to it but your big breasts also cause frequent headache. The pain in neck also affects the blood circulation to head which also causes headache. It is observed that woman who had big breasts before experienced less headache problem after breast reduction. The sensory veins of brain directly connect to back bone.

4. Better Fitness and body activeness – It is the gradual and obvious change that comes in with reduced breast size. Woman with big breasts size feels shyness and embarrassment in taking part in physical and sporting activities but the reduction in breast gives her the freedom to enjoy more in herself. She can walk, run, move and dance better. It triggers good energy circulation in the whole body which gives her better immunity and better fitness.

5. Better Diet makeup – Different studies upon women with big breasts suggest that they tend to eat more and care less about their body shape because the big size already stands like a big mountain. They try to put on extra weight to cover the bigger breasts. It not only accumulates more fat around the breasts but also disbalances her body functionality.

6. Less chances of breast diseases – A woman with lesser breasts size is able to self-examine her breast easily and will know about any lesion or unexpected gland. Besides, the fat that accumulates around the big breasts is itself a bigger threat to breasts health. So, it is very important to reduce breast size to remain in better shape and better health.

7. Freedom from nervousness and anxiety – It is also a direct aspect related to big breasts size. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and attractive. Big breasts bring constant tension and embarrassment in her mind. Attaining right size helps free her mind from this issue and give her better mental health and positivity.

8. Improvement in self-confidence – Self-esteem improves with beauty in woman. There is nothing in comparison to this. A better body shape boosts confidence in woman for better social appearance and public dealing.

9. Better physical-psycho sexual experience in bed – It is very obvious that when a woman feels proud on her body she indulges in sex act better and also her partner praises about her beauty more. It gives not only better physical interaction but also better psychological satisfaction.

10. Improved breast shape and beauty – A reduction in big breast size not only brings better shape and appearance but also helps in better breast feel. Because you will not have any need to wear extra tight bra and clothes, it will help in better blood circulation and better breast shape preservation. The skin of your breasts will become toned and glow better, will see pinkish tone on breasts, better nipple color and shape, reduced breasts sagging, lucrative and appealing feel, and voluptuous shape and deep cleavage to breasts. The youth will come back to your breasts and breast tissues will construct better and firmer shape.

11. Better life standards – You will pay more attention to your appearance and your beauty, feel more confident and free to try anything new. It will help build a positive and wider perspective towards life and you will feel the confidence of winning in your heart which is the source to lead life enthusiastically.

How to Reduce Breast Size?

Lets’s Check one by one in Detail –

It is not that hard to reduce breast size if you have the knowledge of right natural method and are committed to do so. There is a huge list of foods, exercises and other stuff to tell you how to reduce breast size in 7 days at home in hindi or English. So far we are concerned, being a premier and trusted name in the world of natural treatments, we can`t suggest anything just to mention it.

These are some of the helpful and really meaningful products that you can include in your daily life to bring difference in your breasts size.

1) Green Tea – It is a good fat burner. The consistent use of green tea helps in better fat reduction in the body. Big breasts are contains lots of fat and fatty cells which need to be burnt to carve the right shape. Besides, green tea saves you from those addictions which general tea brings in the body.

Breast Reduction

2) Include Salad and fruits in your diet – This helps a great deal in woman`s body. Woman`s body is very responsive. Salad and fruits contain various types of acids, fats and vitamins which help in better body blood regulation, fat elimination, natural balanced estrogen level and nutrition of body. It also helps in reducing the hunger and maintains body energy level.

3) Lifestyle habit – We know that having big breasts prevent you from indulging more voluntary physical activities but you should do them instead. The increased body activity and better body movement helps in better body toning and using of accumulated fat, better internal body functionality, better metabolism. It`s very important. Don’t ignore it, don’t become lazy.

4) Avoid cigarette and alcohol – These two things bring more and quicker negative effects on female`s body than male`s body. The direct reason behind it is the body formation, different hormonal secretion, emotional state, and build given by nature. These addictions dis-balance in woman sooner and which can bring various issues in woman including bigger breasts.

5) Flax seeds – Flax seeds help in maintaining estrogen level in the body. It contains omega 3 fatty acid which is helpful in this. Get a one glass of hot water and add one tablespoon of flax seeds in it, stir properly and drink it.

6) Ginger and Citrus juice – These two mixtures do not have direct impact on the breast size but helps in balancing the metabolism rate in the body. The increased metabolism helps in better usage of accumulated fat of the body which results in better body shaping including breasts. Make a juice of ginger roots in cup of hot water or make a glass of lemon juice and drink.

7) Fenugreek – Fenugreek is helpful in toning the breasts shape. It tones the breast tissues that form the breast shape and thus it helps in removing the sagging and over-expanded size of breasts. Soak 2-3 seeds of fenugreek in water in the night and make a paste of it with small water the next morning. Apply it on the breasts leaving nipple area till it dries on the breast then wash it with water.

8) Aerobic Exercises – Aerobic exercises not only make strength in your body but also bring better body immunity and balances body functionality. Activities like Stairs climbing, cycling, brisk walking, swimming are very helpful activities in reducing breast size.

9) Avoid contraceptive pills – Contraceptive pills or birth control pill is a bad idea to avoid pregnancy. It negatively impacts on the hormone levels and dis-balance body functions. It is one of main results of breast increase in young girls. Opt for other safe options to avoid pregnancy. Besides, breast size increases during pregnancy and breast feeding which should not be dealt with medicines.

10) Reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fats – It brings a big difference in your body appearance. Because, foods like pizza, chips, oil foods, snacks, and fast foods contain many such fats which incite the level of estrogen in the body and increases breast size.

11) Control your diet – It is important to control your diet in terms of nutrition if you want to reduce breast size naturally. Include green vegetables in your diet, eat properly but avoid overeating or eating frequently. It will help in better usage of stored fat of body and will balance the body functionality. Your metabolism will work efficiently as it will remain free from overload of useless food.

12) Exercise on daily basis – It is very important part to reduce breast size naturally. Exercises not only help in burning the fat and toning the body but also improves metabolism in the body. The better fat usage and muscles use results in better breasts shape over time. Include walking in your exercise schedule as well. There is a list of exercises which are helpful in breast shaping besides full body toning. You can find the complete list of exercise to reduce breast size with pictures by following this link .

13) Yoga exercise to reduce breast size – Yoga asanas are also an beneficial way to reduce breast size naturally and methodically. Yoga is a part of Ayurveda and it is done to balance the three doshas of body which, as per Ayurveda, is a very important combination to stay healthy and fit. Yoga Asanas help in bringing body and mind in one line. There are various yoga asanas which have the direct impact on breasts. Have patience and consistency in doing the Yoga and discover your true potential of your body.

14) Breast reduction cream and medicine in natural methodology – If you want additional boost to reduce breasts size you can opt for Cute B capsule or cream. Both are equally beneficial, powerful and safe in their impact. The medicine is made not just to eliminate fat but also to balance the hormone secretion in the body, to tone the breasts tissues and bring the best glow. It is the complete treatment for breast reduction in natural methodology which is complete safe from any side effects risk and brings surprising changes in breast appearance.

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