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Welcome to Hashmi HealthCares

The peak cannot be achieved with average methods.You need the best Unani Medicine to become the best.

A-Grade Quality Herbs

Plucked from the healthy and thoughtfully chosen plants, only the best herbs enter the lab. Be it home-grown constituents or outsourced ingredients.

State-of-Art Lab

Backed with the excellent knowledge of ancient naturopathy, every single formulation undergoes an extensive research and testing process in well-equipped research unit.

Experts Consultation

The rich experience on thousands of different cases, the detailed knowledge & clarity for treatment procedures and an impeccable supervision enables us to go beyond average.


You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Free Delivery – No Delivery charges throughout India

When you order product from Hashmi Health Cares, we take care of delivery charges. You will only have to pay for the medicine, if you are ordering the product from within the borders of India.


Discreet Packaging – No Brand name, No Product name

We understand the sincerity of the matter and so all the medicines to you are dispatched, wrapped in plain packaging without any Logo/Medicine/Company name on it.


Privacy – Your Privacy, Our Commitment

We have no 3rd Party connections. Your personal details are as safe with us as 128 bit encryption. It will be used for your treatment purpose only.


Secure Payment Gateway – Easy and Risk free

We are very selective in choosing our methods. You will get a secured SSL certified gateway, if you opt to pay for any medicine online, safe from every online scam or phishing risk.


Uninterrupted Customer Service – Because Care is the first step of Treatment

We are more than happy to serve our clients and patients. And so we offer 4 different modes of communication for uninterrupted and timely solution of every single query asked. Connect us by Call or on WhatsApp or Email us or simply fill the Query form.

Our Departments

With the use of modern research techniques, quality control and increased scientific approach, Unani procedure is slowly merging into mainstream treatment methods. We have three separate departments to address all the major concerns in a systematic way.

Male Health

Our highly experienced and well-versed specialists make the detailed analysis of the situation and provide the exact treatments to suit individual body capability. The male unani medicines provided in hashmihealthcares are sophistically designed for deep impact on the cause while healing the affected part. We address all the male health issues and help the user gain instant results using natural approach.


Female Health

The female health has been our priority since the very start of the pharmacy. We break the usual league to create extraordinary. Our choice to stick to naturopathy suggests the same and so does our sharp focus to bring relief to female patients. To keep the perfect comfortable environment for the patients, we have a dedicated wing of female specialists. You can call anytime to discuss your health concerns.


General Health

When a person chooses a natural treatment over other approaches, it is because he/she believes to gain more out of a treatment. We understand this need and our pure unani medicines prove it. The ease from the cause and relief from the issue are just one part, improving the body functionality and minimizing future probability of the issue is the other part of the treatment.


We offer Treatment for

We can assist you in improving various health aspects. With our rich experience of dealing various case scenarios and deep knowledge of Unani treatment method, we have gained expertise in providing comprehensive herbal solutions for individuals of every age. We offer effective unani treatments for almost all of the male-female Sexual issues and major General health issues. Our One-to-One treatment approach gives us the liberty for detailed study of our patient`s concerns. We provide unani treatments online for a long list of issues including;

Natural Healing in a Supportive & Empathetic Environment

Hashmihealthcares offers the unani medicines which is an alternative and
safe method of treatment. It is a holistic approach that focuses not only on the
symptomatic treatment but also targets the underlying causes for the same. The
natural approach believes in the process of whole-body-wellness by improving the
capabilities and preventing the issue.


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Who can use Naturopathic/Unani medicines?

Everyone can use naturopathic/ unani medicines, whatever age he or she is. The only condition is the consistency and control. These two elements play a big role in Unani Treatments. If you are willing to give up your bad life practices (diet & activity) and ready to follow healthy lifestyle, natural treatments are the best remedy for your body and mind.

Our Success rates:

Most of our patients who opt for complete treatment procedure, gain benefits in 80-90% cases depending upon the factors such as individual capability, type of treatment, personal awareness & initiative, and consistency. We don’t provide guarantee for our treatments as any fair treatment provider doesn’t rely on the term “guarantee” to win the trust of its patients. However, we invest our true efforts, keep complete transparency in procedures and push the boundaries to help our patients gain benefit from the issues.

The Product Cancellation Policy:

In any case, due to any reason whatsoever, you find it impossible to receive the parcel (medicine), you can call us either to hold the parcel for a stipulated time or can cancel the order (if no consensus could be settled). You full amount will be returned to you in case of cancellation of the order. However, we strongly believe that such situations won’t arise in a sincere scenario.

What is the initial Appointment procedure?

If you are in India or outside India and looking for the free consultation, you can do so by simply dialing the Number or sending an Email or messaging us on WhatsApp or can request a callback by filling the Consultation Form.
Alternatively, you can visit our Clinic to meet the Haqeem ji personally. Call us or drop a mail to schedule an appointment.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Manish Manish Kidney PatientAurangabad, Maharastra
    After getting herbal treatment for my kidney stone issue, I came to know that treatment was never so easy. Hashmi Health Cares have not only revolutionized the naturopathy but have also brought it on a stable platform. I suggest everyone to call Hashmi once before taking any treatment.
  • Neha Neha Breast PatientBijnour, UP
    The procedure for any treatment at Hashmihealthcares is simple. You call, they listen, then they advice and you listen. You get the medicine and the problem gone. Didn’t expect such an approach from a natural pharmacy. Thanks @Hashmihealthcares. You solved my sexual life issues.
  • Shiv Prasad Shiv Prasad Low Sex DriveKolkata West Bengal
    A man does not trust what he does not see. I went to the pharmacy for the same reason. After reading on Internet about them, I decided to visit the clinic. Then I started the treatment. It has been 6 months now and I still feel the same power. Now I believe in the capacity of natural medicines.
  • Rajesh Rajesh Low WeightAgra, Up
    There is no good natural medicine online than Hashmi medicines. They are the leader in this. I took the Hashmi weight gain supplement for two continuous months. I feel it is better than others. I got energy and muscles. They told me very important things with the treatment to make my body.
  • M. Swminathan M. Swminathan Short PeniMadurai, Tamilnadu
    My experience at Hashmi was not that good. First, they sent medicine without intimating me for the delivery on that day. My wife received the medicine which was not good for me. When I complained about it they told me it was the mistake of courier boy. I don’t know him, I know Hashmi. However, the next parcel was delivered to me only.
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