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How we Started ?

It all began in a small pharmacy started by Late Hakeem Hashmi in 1929. That time, the pharmacy was known for the treatment of all sexual problems by natural therapy. Soon after, because of the importance of natural medicine in human life, the pharmacy entered in the medication of general health diseases after due research and analysis.
Presently, A GMP and ISO 22000-2005 certified, the pharmacy has become a renowned organization in Natural and Herbal treatment in India and all around the world. The evolution of internet has helped us to reach the world at large, and enabled us to serve the mankind in our utmost capacity.

Why should I go for ‘Natural Treatment’ ?

Because you would not like to face any side effects and other symptoms for the sake of quick results. Also, you will not like to take medicines which suppress the symptoms and the disease emerges again after some time. Your body is made to keep you active and fit, not to make you a storage baggage for tons of capsules and pills.
We have simplified and revolutionized the medication methodologies from our natural and herbal treatments. The natural medication is based on the concept of balancing body humors. These medicines work on the cause and neutralize the reasons of the disease, heal that particular body part and increase the immunity power. It helps in preventing the recurring of disease.
The natural treatment is completely safe and effective. All the ingredients of natural medicine are taken from plants, herbs and other vegetable sources that don’t bring any side-effects. The Natural medicine care for the cause of the disease instead of its symptoms; and prescribes medication for prevention and cure.

Areas of Specialization: ‘Sex Life’ Problems & ‘General Health’ Problems

From the minor health issues to major complex problems, we have a wide range of medicines and treatments for most of the complex diseases. The taboo subject, Sex life,  is our area of perfection. Sex problems which are increasing day by day in today`s hectic and busy life, people are still not able to find the solutions for basic problems. Besides, there are many reasons like fear, shyness, cultural boundations, ignorance, etc., which prevents a person (Man or Woman) to look for the possible solutions regarding their sex life
We understand this situation and have provided an online solution for all the sex problems like Penis Enlargement Capsules, Premature Ejaculation Cream and Capsules, Erectile Dysfunction or Male dysfunction Treatment, Impotency, Infertility, all Vaginal problems treatment, Breast enhancement and Breast Reduction Pills for women, sex stamina etc.
With the development of modern technologies and research systems, we have developed a whole new range of natural medicines for general health problems like, Alcohol Addiction, Height/ Weight Gain, Asthma, Diabetes, Kidney Stone and other important health life issues.

The Benefits of Opting the Natural Way Are :

  1. Natural and Herbal Medicine.
  2. Restores the body capacity and enhances it.
  3. Works in the natural way, genuine body process.
  4. 100% safe and Side effects free.
  5. Reliable and Researched
  6. No additional need for any medication
  7. If benefits, it will be permanent
  8. Freedom from surgeries or complicated therapies.

How we do it ?

As already have been mentioned, we have a research team and a separate lab to do the experiments and analysis. From this, we have gained a deep knowledge of all the lesser known subjects over the years. With this knowledge we have categorized all the symptoms and procured a specific treatment to cure the problem. Our personal care range captures the best of nature and science, giving our customers the products that are gentle, effective and safe.

  1. We will provide you the online solution.
  2. The free consultation over Phone or Email.
  3. Only right and suitable treatment.
  4. Will send the medicine by courier.
  5. 100% privacy assurance.
  6. The natural and Genuine products.
  7. Always in touch and in direct reach of the patient every time.
  8. Get treatment from the experienced and reliable specialists.

Sex problems for both men and women are different and has a great impact on his/ her life. We have different terms of all the problems and for those we provide different and specific solutions. Before going for any medicine, one should know what exactly the problem is and for that we have very experienced and resourceful specialists.

Some Trusted Names from our R&D Centre :

Sikander-E-Azam : The best penis enlargement medicine in India. It works in the corpus cavernosum and stimulates the hormones to build new cells to hold blood in the penis. It is very effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis and also strengthens the male organ. Removes weakness in veins and premature ejaculation and other sex related issues. It is the medicine for all your penis related issues.

Hard Rock : As appears from the name, it is the best medicine for Erectile Dysfunction. In lehman language, It will eradicate all your penis erection problems. You will feel more stamina, longer duration and hard rock erections with this male dysfunction treatment.

Mughal-E-Azam : It is the most used Premature ejaculation cream and capsule for Penis enlargement treatment. The cream is useful for Penis Enlargement treatment and capsules are the best cure for Premature Ejaculation.

PXXL : If you feel low in sex drive or sex stamina, then it is your best treatment. Sex is a thing of passion and enthusiasm. This medicine takes care that it remains the same and you last longer in bed.

Big-B-xl : A beautiful and soothing solution for your tender and beautiful body part. It will enhance your cup size and gives the fuller look. Also strengthens the tissues which tones the breasts and make the skin glows. It is the best breast enhancement capsule and cream.

Vagitot : Another very impressive and caring product for women. Removes all the vaginal infections and tightens the female organ to give you better sex experience.

Antobacus : Natural alcohol addiction solution. You will not know and you will leave.

Vetoll-XL : A natural weight gain medicine. Helps in stimulating the body muscles and increase weight in the natural manner.

Heightole-XL : A very unique medicine to re-accelerate your growth hormones. Effective even after the ideal growth age of 20 years.

Why Us ?

Because there are so many in the market who are taking the advantage of peoples` ignorance and thus making the health problems more complicated to solve. We constantly work to re-establish trust. Here we come ahead to stand out unlike any other.

  • To bring back the belief in people.
  • To remove their fear of side effects by using the old and reliable Natural therapy.
  • To promise the fulfillment of our commitments by giving you a better and happier life.

“Your trust is valuable and
We endeavor to keep your faith  forever.”