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WELCOME to a standout amongst the most trusted names in generic and venereal disease medication online. Here at Hashmi Health cares Pharmacy, we put your health first. We are focused on giving you just the best and highest quality natural and herbal medicines. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy was established in 1929 by Late Hakeem Hashmi with a clear vision to provide quality Herbal Medicines to society. Late Hakeem Hashmi, a prominent natural medicine physician, was much inspired by Charaka (father of Indian Herbal Medicine.


We are Hashmi Healthcares, one of oldest Natural Herbal medicine company in India doing revolutionary work since 1929. We have a dedicated and specialized wing of researchers who excel in various fields of human health. We believe in result oriented and natural treatment therapies to minimize the risk of side effects and increase the success rate. It is our habit since the very starting to pay utmost attention to every single client, which has made us a renowned leader in Natural and Herbal health care.

As of now the company is being driven by wife and children Late Hakim Hashmi. Under their effective leadership the organization has possessed the capacity to change itself into a completely professionalized organization. The company has reached new heights and is viewed as one of the famous renowned Natural Herbal medicine companies in India.

Hashmi Pharmacy has developed from a little manufacturing unit to a State-of-the Art office in Amroha (Uttar Pradesh). Hashmi has likewise created in house Drug Testing Laboratory and Research Foundation. The Company is occupied with manufacturing, advertising and sending out different Natural Herbal products..

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and straight. To make reliable and effective Natural and Herbal medicines for more critical and complex diseases and treat the people all around the world in the comfort of their home.

Our Mission

It is our mission to give patients the most ideal services possible, alongside offering safe and effective natural treatment. Personalized treatment and People are treated with deference, and each exertion is made from our side to give appropriate solution and answer questions.