Who are we?

We can assist you in improving various health aspects. With our rich experience of dealing various case scenarios and deep knowledge of Unani treatment method, we have gained expertise in providing comprehensive herbal solutions for individuals of every age. We offer effective unani treatments for almost all of the male-female Sexual issues and major General health issues. Our One-to-One treatment approach gives us the liberty for detailed study of our patient`s concerns. We provide unani treatments online for a long list of issues including –

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Our Departments

With the use of modern research techniques, quality control and increased scientific approach, Unani procedure is slowly merging into mainstream treatment methods. We have three separate departments to address all the major concerns in a systematic way.

Male Halth

Our highly experienced and well-versed specialists make the detailed analysis of the situation and provide the exact treatments to suit individual body capability. The male unani medicines provided in hashmihealthcares are sophistically designed for deep impact on the cause while healing the affected part. We address all the male health issues and help the user gain instant results using natural approach.

Female Health

The female health has been our priority since the very start of the pharmacy. We break the usual league to create extraordinary. Our choice to stick to naturopathy suggests the same and so does our sharp focus to bring relief to female patients. To keep the perfect comfortable environment for the patients, we have a dedicated wing of female specialists. You can call anytime to discuss your health concerns.

General Health

When a person chooses a natural treatment over other approaches, it is because he/she believes to gain more out of a treatment. We understand this need and our pure unani medicines prove it. The ease from the cause and relief from the issue are just one part, improving the body functionality and minimizing future probability of the issue is the other part of the treatment.

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